1 Sep 2015, 3:55am

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    We were contacted by our caseworker and made aware of the possibility of our judge seeing our blog as a violation of the no contact order.We apologize if the blog was viewed that way, but would like to leave the poems up as an outlet for the personal pain we are experiencing through all this. We would also like to wish everyone going through similar ordeals the best of luck, and pray for your children’s safety. May God return them all unharmed by their experiences.

    27 Jul 2015, 1:38am

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    My body’s become

    A prison of pain

    Where life once begun

    Only agony remains

    stuck in a nightmare

    With no one to wake me

    My memories alive all around me

    Mocking my tears for what used to be

    Longing to return

    To the days that have passed

    Desperate to escape

    What shouldn’t be

    Yearning for my Stolen

    Loved with joy so blissfully

    Gifts from God in Heaven

    Made by myself and Mine truly

    From the Garden of Eden

    To Satan’s Jubalee

    On my knees grieving

    To the Heavens I plea

    Silence is broken by a desparate scream

    Oh dear GOD PLEASE

    give them back to me!

    The Devil and Dhs


    With tnt words and dynamite lies

    They give him a cavern to build in-

    my sweet precious world my heaven

    Beauty and love in the purest of essence

    My hands they have bound and severed

    Without my heart no ability to bleed

    The muzzle intended to silence me

    A lion of rage-raging river of pain

    Unlimited power and stolen authority

    A gift so obscene holds only casualties

    False allegations unfounded claims

    Justifiably allows destruction and pain

    Unbreakable promises now broken

    Undeniable love denied

    Crushed and polluted graffitied debris

    Treasured remains of indestructable dreams


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