Mar 14 2013

Timothy Ward and Trystian Doss…The Beginning

Before I tell about the horror that has left my life in constant fear and panic, let me begin with a little background on the most amazing boys ever brought into this world.

I was almost 19-years-old when I gave birth to my first child. Timothy Douglas Ward graced us with his presence six week early and after 25 hours in labor on August 23, 1998. Unfortunately, my divorce from his father was final a week later, but it didn’t really matter to me. All that mattered to me at that moment was that I had a beautiful baby boy who I just knew was going to do something big in this world! By the time I was 21, I had remarried and gave birth to another amazing child, Trystian Kole Doss on December 21, 2000. I was married to his father for close to four years before we separated.

Being extremely young and stupid when I began, I made a whole lot of mistakes as a parent. What young parent doesn’t? I never made any mistakes I thought would hurt my children, though. I never abused them and always made sure one way or another that they had food in their bellies and that they had clothes on their backs. I always made sure we had shelter and that they had beds to sleep in. I always tried my best to make sure they had all of their needs met.

After my second husband left me, I still tried to do what I thought was best…..until the worst happened…..

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