They Stole My Babies!!

12 12 2010
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My name is Amanda and   I live in West Virginia.  Me and my husband have three kids, two are mine and one is his from another relationship.  July “2009”  We moved down the street from his ex’s cousin, she was nice at first. It all started when  my husband and I were trying to get custody from his ex because of her “Habit” she had recently taken on, well little did we know we werent getting her and we werent keeping ours!!

One day our his daughter(7yrs) and my daughter(2yrs) were playing in their room and our 7yr old gave our 2yr old a black eye.  Well we grounded her for 3days, meaning she couldnt go outside and play.  The family down the street aparently didnt like that to much.  Three days later a woman and a man show up at my door!

When I answered the door they asked to speak with my husband, I told them he wasnt home that he would be back in about an hr if they wanted to come back.  The woman stated she wanted to talk to his daughte, I told her I wasnt a legal guardian and I couldnt let them talk to her without her father present. (She did not tell me she wanted to speak to me about my kids)  She went on to say that she would get a state trooper to come out and let her in I told her I would feel more confortable if she did, keep in mind she never told me who she was or what she wanted.

She went to their car and sat and waited for the Trooper.  About ten mins later he showed up at my door stating that they were with CPS and that she was worried about the “Well being of the children” and he asked if they could come in and check things out.(I later found out in court that the worker told the officer that I was “Smoking a joint of pot as I answer the door”)  I said sure come on in!  While the one lady spoke to the children the man check my food and rooms and stuff, he stated there was no problem with my home at all.  Apparently the poeple down the lane had called and said that I beat and starved my stepdaughter, and I neglected my children, just some off the wall things I couldnt believe what they were saying.

This has been going on for almost two years now, They made me leave my husband and lose my home, then they tell me im not stable?? They took my kids and gave them to my husbands family.  I got one visit a week an hr each time, my son was only 7mos at the time he is now 2yrs and he has no idea who we are.  My worker has hated me from the begining so naturally she tells the court I never tried to contact her, Icalled everyday for months and she never would return my calls, she had me take drug screens which caused me to lose two jobs because I didnt know when they were so I called in everyday and went in when they told me to.

I never failed a drug screen, but they came back neg dilute, so I offered to take a Hair test.  My worker drove me herself to take that test yet the court has no record of me taking it?? My lawyer has the results and showed them to the court but my worker reported in the petition that I never gave proof?  I later had my lawyer pay for another hair test to show that I still wasnt doing drugs of course I passed it.  They couldnt find any reason to keep my kids so in the time they had them CPS searched for anything that would play against me in court.

They ended up finding that I had recently missed an immunization, just one for each, and called it “Neglect”.  Let me just say by the time  CPS had gotten their shots taken care of they had to get 14 shots at once.  They also tried to say I didnt have medical insurance on my children, everyone knows that when you have a baby the state provides medical until that child is atleast 3-5yrs old!

Long story short they had me do this 6month improvement period and I had trouble making appointments and working at the same time, not to mention I depended on my husband for 6yrs and now I was on my own, no car, no home, no nothing I was living with my parents.  So now I am sitting her without my children because CPS deemed me a bad mother, all due to missing one shot and me making appointments?  There has been suspicion of a “BLACK MARKET ADOPTION” from the woman who is trying to keep my children,  I need help! I am filing a Federal Lawsuit with my lawyer (who by the way is the best!)  if there is anyone who is going through this please contact me maybe I can help you or you could help me we need to stop these CORRUPT OFFICIALS, OUR CHILDREN ARE NO LONGER SAFE IN OUR OWN HOMES.  PLEASE DO NOT OVER LOOK THIS, THEY ARE GETTING AWAY WITH KIDNAPPING!!!! WRITE YOUR STORIES TO YOUR SENATE,THE NEWSPAPERS, CITY COUNSELMAN, THE PRESIDENT DONT LET THIS HAPPEN TO YOU!!!!!!!! MY EMAIL:

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