Saving Ally Anna

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Saving Ally Anna: The Background

by Virginia Phillips

Ally was born in 1997. Her bio father’s parental rights were terminated in May of 2000 when she was 2 years old. Bio dad choose not to appear at the hearing, Judge presiding over hearing made a phone call to inquire as to why he did not appear, bio dad did not appeal order terminating his rights (30 days to appeal and still has not attempted to appeal 12 years later).

Bio dad at CYS suggestion filed for custody in March of 2012. He was refusing to return Ally after a visit as agreed and filed custody paperwork that had more lies than truths. Last weekend in April I discovered that he had attempted suicide in presence of his younger children. I had not known this before. Ally called me on May 3rd and told me he had told her about the suicide attempt and that it was ok to try and commit suicide. On May 4th I went to court in county I live in which would not hear an emergency petition for custody. I went to pick my husband up from work and while waiting for him received a call from Ally on our home line. I arrived home with my husband. We got her into dry clothes as she was cold and wet. Ally hugged one of her siblings Jefferson Co PA to file for emergency custody. Judge then put her in foster care declaring she was a run away (remember I am her only legal parent and she came to me).

At shelter hearing on May 8th, Ally’s Guardian Ad Litem told Ally to fly off at Judge and tell him off, called her an untrustworthy liar, and badgered her in general as did CYS case worker Carol Anderson. ( Carol Anderson can be reached at 814-849-3696. option 2 then 11 # to go directly to her. ) Judge put Ally in Pathways with Juvenile delinquents who have threatened her for not liking Carol Anderson, and for not wanting to talk, etc with them. She is focused on going home and afraid that Judge will do as Carol Anderson has threatened and keep her until she is 18.

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