A Perfect Ending to the Story!0

Just to give all of you out there a glimmer of hope…legal custody of my child was returned to me in October 2011, after more than 2 years, being relocated twice (me, that is, for my protection from the abuser responsible for all this), my son being moved from one placement to another to another….and now he’s home and “all mine” again. Of course, this presents an entire new set of difficulities to face.

You see, I am convinced that part of the program used by these agencies is to break the bond between parent and child. So now we are dealing with therapy, meds, and still, after months, working on reestablishing that bond. It’s better now than it was at first, but the issues of me being the parent and in charge is still there. I know this can be an issue for any parent of a pre-teen, but after all we have been through it is more exaggerated for us. Like I said, though, things are getting better, At least he’s home with me, in my legal custody, and we are at last able to move on.



As of June 10 this year, my child has been placed back in my home. Great news, right? To a large extent yes, but then he is here on a “permissive placement” otherwise known as a trial home placement basis. Which means that at any time, for any reason (or no reason), he can be taken out again. Now when you go back and read the posts I have made in the past, you can see just how messed up this entire situation has been. Guess what…although he is home with me, there are still so very many things going on that are more wrong than you can imagine!

Perhaps the biggest problem is this: my child receives SSI. And although him being home means I am carrying the full burden financially for his needs (transportation alone to get him to child care, get me to work and then the reverse at the end of the day is costing me a whopping $27.60 a day…that’s $276 each pay period…I get paid every 2 weeks), the agency in charge pf case management is collecting his ssi…and no, they are not assisting me with the extra finances! They say it is in the works to return his ssi to me, but we are looking at least 2 or even 3 months before that actually happens, if it does at all. Now I ask you, if I am paying out all this extra…transportation, food, laundry, etc., and they are not contributing in the least, where is his ssi going? What are they doing with it? While they are holding onto this money without assisting me with financial needs for this child, I am going more and more broke every day.

Next problem: There has been a serious lack of communication in regards to little things like getting my child registered for school. Didn’t get word until last evening as to the school I need to register him in (there were 2 possibilities) and that I need to get him registered this week (meaning today or tomorrow). The company I work for requires that you put in for approved time off at least 72 hours in advance…so I run the risk of being written up for calling in at the last minute…the end result being my job is at risk (I know, it’s a totally ridiculous policy given that things happen, but that’s the way it is and I can’t do anything about it). Seriously, at the risk of sounding paranoid, sometimes I think they are intentionally setting me up for utter failure. I mean, I have been on this job for almost a year and a half, have been very successful at it, yet run the risk of losing it (as well as everything the money it provides to have…little things like my apartment and all the contents therein) all because this agency has caused so many issues.

And finally, and this is perhaps the most offensive thing of all…and this is really sick folks…again, going back to read how this all started (with my reporting that my child disclosed to me that, while still with us, his father had been molesting him on the way to school back in kindergarten…it took this child almost 3 years to tell me this…and no, the perp is no longer with us…hasn’t been for almost 6 years now)…although my child has disclosed to his therapist the molestation, although the perp is now sitting in prison in the state the act occured on a different, child predator conviction, the state we now reside in STILL has not referred the offense to the state it happened in. Guess what that means…it means that at the end of his sentence, this child molester will be free to walk the streets, molesting more children…and all because this state I live in doesn’t want to fess up to the complete and utter mess they made of this whole thing from the very beginning.

Sick, isn’t it?


They went way too far!0

Imagine this scenario: You are kicking back in your living room watching the tube when the local police department busts in and arrests you on drug charges. Now, you know that you are perfectly innocent because you don’t use any of that stuff, yet you find yourself standing before his honor the judge anyway. The police claim they have all the evidence they need to put you away on the charges. What you find out months down the line is that they had gone into your neighbor’s home, gathered the evidence they found there and claimed it was YOUR home in which the offending substances were found. Worse still, your lawyer knew about this bogus ‘evidence” and didn’t bother telling you about it!

Preposterous, you say. This kind of thing couldn’t happen here in the good old US of A! Our constitution protects us from that kind of thing! Or so you would think.

Change that scenario a bit…just a little bit…and you’ll see how it can indeed happen. How an agency exists that does this very kind of thing. The agency is CPS, or as it is now known in many places as the Department of Children’s Services. Keep in mind as you read on that, when going out to remove a child from his or her home, there is normally a law enforcement officer in their company. Someone who knows things like rules of evidence…or who should anyway!

OK so here’s what I found out happened. Said law enforcement officer was first to arrive. The paperwork in his possession had the street address on it but not the apartment number (I was living in a 4-plex). Now the street address was on the building but on the side of the front units. The back side, where I lived, wasn’t marked. So said law enforcement officer enters those front units and takes pictures of the filth he finds there…and proceeds to present these pictures as evidence in claiming “unsanitary” conditions in MY apartment! Worse of all, my lawyer knew of these pictures yet said nothing to me about them. Had she even bothered showing them to me, it would have been obvious that they were not of my apartment & their entire case would have flown right out the window.

I don’t care what kind of spin those who perpetrated this fiasco try to put on it, but this is fraud! It is unlawful to manufacture evidence! Remember the OJ murder trial? One of the reasons Mr. Simpson was acquitted was the fact that LAPD was suspected of planting some of the evidence. The prosecution’s case fell apart because of it. Can you imagine what kind of outcome the trial might have had if his “dream team” of lawyers had opted to ignore that little glove?

Can you imagine the difference in the outcome of my case if my lawyer had opted to not ignore the existence of those little pictures?

I doubt I’d be writing this little blog.


Going from bad to worse?0

Well, in a way it has. This whole thing started this past January (see my first blog here on the fiasco that began this journey I’m on). Since writing last, I have been moved from my home to one DV shelter and now another in order to protect my life. Why, you might ask…well, here’s why:

Now this whole thing started, like I said, in January of 09…although it really started back in October when I reported, as I should have done, that my little boy had reported to me that his dad (how I hate using that word for him) had been molesting him back in kindergarten (little man is now 9). The CPS investigator sent out was this total jerk of an idiot who sent out a determination report finding the report unsubstianted, however, in doing so he wrote up the report to make me look like a lying you know what. So I called him….left a message on his voice mail that I wanted to talk to him about the misinformation contained in the report and the next thing you know my son was being yanked out of my home and care.

The worst part of all this? The so called dad of my son is now incarcerated on felony child porn charges. Convicted of them. Has CPS, now having to see that this man is, in fact, a child predator, done anything to make right the situation? Not at all. Because of the arrest contact with the idiot was cut off…he (fortunately) had no more contact with my precious child. Which put my life in danger as he is one of those who, if he can’t have something, no one else will…so, yes, my life was seriously in danger!

So now, like I said, I am and have been for the last couple of months living in a domestic violence shelter in a city I have never been in before, having to deal with finding work and housing here so that I even have a chance of getting my child back into my custody.

My utmost concern is my son’s welfare, of course….but this whole thing has turned my life inside out…I’m STILL being punished although I did nothing wrong…although the wrongs were done to my son and myself by a wife beating child molester…..where’s the justice in all that?


More Outrage!0

I started this blog with some background on the case I’m dealing with. Things grew decidely worse this past week at the last court review. Not for me or my child….but in certain facts coming out about my child’s father. Now, mind you, up until last week the monster had been given contact with the child…contact I had not been giving due to the fact that my child had told me about his dad having sexually abused him (along with documented physical abuse). Guess what….at the court hearing further contact was banned for the monster…because it turns out that he had been arrested for possession, distribution and viewing of child pornography! This arrest was back in February! Had the dectective for the sheriff’s department done the criminal background check he was supposed to have done, my son wouldn’t have had to face his molester for the last 3 months…this is outrageous! All because a CPS social worker decided (back when the report of the SA was made) decided NOT to believe us.



OK, so one of the big news stories of the week has been that 13 year old boy who, with his mother, took off to avoid court ordered chemo. The latest, if you’ve been keeping up with this is that they have returned to comply with the court order. Now, I don’t necessarily agree with the decision they made to NOT take the chemo, but I DO agree with the family feeling that they have the right to decide…or rather the kid has the right to decide. After all, in many states a 13 year old girl can walk into a “reproductive clinic” and get on “the pill” or even have an abortion without her parents even knowing about it…but this 13 year old young man isn’t “mature” enough to decide for himself whether or not to undergo some pretty major treatment for his cancer. It just doesn’t make sense, does it?

The government needs to stay out of the concerns of families…..period. Unless there is clear and evident abuse and/or neglect, keep your (the government) noses out of our buisness!


On Psych Evals and Parenting Assessments0

If you have ever been a victim of the Children’s Services agencies throughout this “great” nation of ours, you probably have had to undergo a psychological evaluation and/or parenting assessment (which supposedly gives the “system” an idea as to how good your parenting skills are.  There are a number of problems with these tests.  First of all you have to realize that the results are pretty much subjective, and the interpretation of the data collected is totally up to the person administering the tests.  In my case, I was fairly lucky in that I found a psychologist who shares my religious beliefs (Christian).  Because of that, my answers, which were more Biblical in attitude than not, were interpreted along those lines.  I hate to think of what a secular psychologist would have done with the same results! 

There were, however, a couple of things that I wasn’t happy seeing.  One of the “assessments” administered had to do with how much conflict there was with my spouse in the household.  That’s fine except for my spouse doesn’t live with me…we have been separated for over 3 years now due to his drug use and abuse of my child and me both.  So in answering the questions, of course I saw no conflict with him because he’s not there to have conflict with.  The interpretation of the test indicated that I saw no conflict within my home period.  Now, I am realistic enough to admit that there is conflict in my home with my child at times (sometimes a lot of times), but that is NOT what the questions were asking. 

The other problem that came up was that I was noted to have “low energy levels” that could indicate depression.  Folks, I am going through the “change”, have type 2 diabetes (and problems with my blood sugars going either too high or too low WILL lead to low energy levels), and go through nights of sleep disturbances caused by PTSD (which is the result of the abuse I suffered at the hands of my estranged spouse).  Of course my energy levels are at times low!  But there are a few people involved in this process that want to think that it could only be caused by depression.  And I AM NOT depressed.  Angry, yes.  Frustrated with a system in which actions that should be illegal are allowed?  Definitely.  But depressed…hey, if there is any at all it is totally the result of the actions taken by this agency that is designed to tear families apart.


A Little Bit of Good News0

Might not seem like much to some, but to me it just might be the start of righting this wrong.  On my last visit with my son, his therapist let me know that he has started talking about the things his dad did to him.  He wouldn’t tell me though because he was afraid it would make me cry and he doesn’t want me to cry.  Why is this good news?  Go back to my first blog and read how this all started because one of our CPS workers refused to believe that my son had told me that his dad had molested him.  Hopefully the day will soon come when that will be shoved right back in this worker’s face.


This agency must be stopped!0

Ever feel like someone was out to do you serious harm?  OK, it might sound paranoid of me, but seriously, I almost feel as if this agency is trying to totally destroy my life.  They unjustifiably took my child, which cost me the only income I had, which means I haven’t the ability to pay any of my bills (like rent and utilities), which means that at some point I could very well end up homeless, which means it will be almost impossible to regain custody of my child.  Like I said in my first blog, it all stems from having pointed out some serious mistakes made by this agency in another case.  The fact that this agency has the power to destroy lives simply to cover their own you know whats has got to be stopped.  No parent is safe from them.


Retaliation for pointing out mistake!1

OK, so it all started with my child blurting out that his dad, while we were still together, molested him on the way to school in the mornings (this was during the 2005-2006 school year).  I was advised by a CPS worker in my county to “hotline” it, which I did.  Unfortunately, the worker that came out to investigate took the attitude that I was just another b**** making a false accusation.  In fact, when he sent out the determination report, he had included information that was not true, was misleading, and that should not have been included in a report going out to the alleged perp (there were big time violations of HEPA laws).  Additionally, the response given by the perp were accepted as gospel truth!  Had this investigator contacted me, I could have pointed out the lies this monster told so that they might be more willing to do more of an investigation.  So, naively, I decided to contact this investigator to talk to him about this notice.  And what was their response?  The very next day…THE VERY NEXT DAY…Child Services, along with a Deputy Sheriff, came out to my home with an emergency removal order (issued not by a judge but by the deputy sheriff who came into my home). 

The report was pretty messed up.  Because the paperwork didn’t have an apartment number on it, this deputy went first into the apartment in front of me.  He found pretty deplorable conditions there…the gal living there was pretty bad when it came to housework.  He stated that there were dishes piled up in the sink with old food on them…dirty laundry and trash strewn all over the apartment floor…and animal feces all over the place.  I was pretty dismayed while reading this because it was NOT my apartment he was describing…I had a few dishes in the sink (lunch dishes that would have been washed that evening), I had just been to the laundry mat the day before and had no dirty clothes, & the only mess on my floor was my child’s toys.  The fact of the matter was that this so called professional had gone into an apartment that was not mine and reported her conditions as being in mine.  In fact, this so called professional was actually seen entering that apartment first!

My child is now in a children’s home, with the monster who abused us both being given visits with him!  I am being forced to jump through the hoops they are requiring of me (believe it or not, my own lawyer won’t even deal with the fact that this was done for the reason it was), and am limited to seeing my child once a week.

And all this because I had the nerve to point out some serious mistakes made by a CPS worker in another matter all together!  It’s just not right that this agency has so much power to kidnap kids legally and tear up the lives of parents.

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