A Perfect Ending to the Story!0

Just to give all of you out there a glimmer of hope…legal custody of my child was returned to me in October 2011, after more than 2 years, being relocated twice (me, that is, for my protection from the abuser responsible for all this), my son being moved from one placement to another to another….and now he’s home and “all mine” again. Of course, this presents an entire new set of difficulities to face.

You see, I am convinced that part of the program used by these agencies is to break the bond between parent and child. So now we are dealing with therapy, meds, and still, after months, working on reestablishing that bond. It’s better now than it was at first, but the issues of me being the parent and in charge is still there. I know this can be an issue for any parent of a pre-teen, but after all we have been through it is more exaggerated for us. Like I said, though, things are getting better, At least he’s home with me, in my legal custody, and we are at last able to move on.


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