As of June 10 this year, my child has been placed back in my home. Great news, right? To a large extent yes, but then he is here on a “permissive placement” otherwise known as a trial home placement basis. Which means that at any time, for any reason (or no reason), he can be taken out again. Now when you go back and read the posts I have made in the past, you can see just how messed up this entire situation has been. Guess what…although he is home with me, there are still so very many things going on that are more wrong than you can imagine!

Perhaps the biggest problem is this: my child receives SSI. And although him being home means I am carrying the full burden financially for his needs (transportation alone to get him to child care, get me to work and then the reverse at the end of the day is costing me a whopping $27.60 a day…that’s $276 each pay period…I get paid every 2 weeks), the agency in charge pf case management is collecting his ssi…and no, they are not assisting me with the extra finances! They say it is in the works to return his ssi to me, but we are looking at least 2 or even 3 months before that actually happens, if it does at all. Now I ask you, if I am paying out all this extra…transportation, food, laundry, etc., and they are not contributing in the least, where is his ssi going? What are they doing with it? While they are holding onto this money without assisting me with financial needs for this child, I am going more and more broke every day.

Next problem: There has been a serious lack of communication in regards to little things like getting my child registered for school. Didn’t get word until last evening as to the school I need to register him in (there were 2 possibilities) and that I need to get him registered this week (meaning today or tomorrow). The company I work for requires that you put in for approved time off at least 72 hours in advance…so I run the risk of being written up for calling in at the last minute…the end result being my job is at risk (I know, it’s a totally ridiculous policy given that things happen, but that’s the way it is and I can’t do anything about it). Seriously, at the risk of sounding paranoid, sometimes I think they are intentionally setting me up for utter failure. I mean, I have been on this job for almost a year and a half, have been very successful at it, yet run the risk of losing it (as well as everything the money it provides to have…little things like my apartment and all the contents therein) all because this agency has caused so many issues.

And finally, and this is perhaps the most offensive thing of all…and this is really sick folks…again, going back to read how this all started (with my reporting that my child disclosed to me that, while still with us, his father had been molesting him on the way to school back in kindergarten…it took this child almost 3 years to tell me this…and no, the perp is no longer with us…hasn’t been for almost 6 years now)…although my child has disclosed to his therapist the molestation, although the perp is now sitting in prison in the state the act occured on a different, child predator conviction, the state we now reside in STILL has not referred the offense to the state it happened in. Guess what that means…it means that at the end of his sentence, this child molester will be free to walk the streets, molesting more children…and all because this state I live in doesn’t want to fess up to the complete and utter mess they made of this whole thing from the very beginning.

Sick, isn’t it?


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