What A Dreary Day0

March 20. The 1st day of Spring. And my birthday. The weather here today totally reflects my mood. Cold, rainy, overcast. The 2nd birthday since my precious little boy was kidnapped by an agency that is supposedly in existence to protect children but in fact does more damage to families than someone who hasn’t dealt with them could possibly imagine. An agency that tears families apart just because they can.

My son should be here celebrating with me. We should be eating cake & ice cream & laughing about how many candles are on Mommy’s cake. Instead I’m sitting here holding back tears. If there’s anyone out there following this blog, you’ll know this shouldn’t even be happening! I can’t believe it’s still going on. And I hurt. Deeply hurt. It is truly only by the grace of God that I can keep going each day. And it is with His grace I’ll make it through.

Those of you who are praying folks, please pray especially hard for me today. I really need it.


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