The year in review2

Actually a little more than a year. There will be areas here where my thoughts are a bit more topical than chronological, it will be a little easier to follow my flow & update I hope. I’ll also be giving a little more detail than I have in the past. My intent here is not merely to gripe; instead it is to demonstrate how out-of-control this agency (CPS, Children’s Division, whatever they want to call themselves) has become and how dangerous to our families.

    Part 1: The report & determination notice

This whole thing started in Oct of 08 when I reported that my son had disclosed to me that, in the first few months of the 2005-06 school year, his father had been “pulling over on the way to school & touching him” & pointed to his genital area. Had he made this statement to a teacher, it would have, I’m sure, been taken more seriously. Instead, when I received a copy of the determination notice, I was in shock. The town we lived in and the school my son attended were disclosed to a man we were hiding from due to his history of violence. We were no longer safe. Additionally there were a number of out and out lies. The notice stated that I was “going through a divorce” (I’m sure to make it look as if I were trying to make this guy look bad for custody issues), completely untrue. In fact, I had been unable to file a divorce because of financial restraints. The notice also stated I was receiving services through our area’s mental health provider. Again this was an outright lie. In contrast, anything & everything said by the perp was accepted as gospel truth! He said he had never touched his boys “that way”, that he had bot seen the child in over 2 years & that the child wasn’t even in school the last time he had seen him. Even though I could have given the so called investigator proof that this man had lied, I was never contacted before the determination was made.

When I received a copy of the notice, I (in Dec, 08) tried to contact the CPS worker involved in order to 1) let him know where he could obtain information showing the statements made by the perp were false & 2) to ask him to clarify his lies about me. I was told that he was out until after the holidays. When I asked to speak to his supervisor I was told the same thing about her. After the holidays I tried again to contact him. On January 7, 2009, I left a voice mail message that I really needed to talk to him about things in the notice that weren’t true. On the afternoon of Jan 8, 2009, people from this office stormed into my home & took my son.

    Part 2: The abduction

My son was taken out of my care citing several safety concerns. A few interesting things here. In the determination notice, my home was stated as being adequate. So why was it called unsafe after I made this phone call? Additionally, the deputy from the sheriff’s office was seen going into the apartment of the gal that lived in front of me. The conditions written up as being justification for removing my son were in actuality conditions in her apartment. The paperwork sent over with the deputy didn’t have an apartment number on it, only the street address. The only place the street address was on the building (a 4-plex) was on the side of her unit. And so, he entered her unit and found quite the mess. Again, more lies.

    Part 3: Court & “Legal Representation”

What a bunch of you-know-what! At the 1st “hearing” I was granted a court appointed lawyer. Was even told she was one of the best in DFS cases. So, when I took her in copies of all kinds of paperwork showing that their case was other than being presented by them, I figured she would take it in front of the judge and get the whole thing dismissed. WRONG! She dismissed all the evidence I had with the statement that “if we push them, they will only push back harder.” Not once in this whole fiasco has she truly represented me!

    Part 4: Psych evals

As part of my “reunification” plan, I was ordered to take a psych eval & parenting assessment. Which I did right away. The results showed no risk for abuse, no Axis I or II diagnosis, nothing really negative with the exception of low energy levels on my part (gosh, I wonder if that could be explained by the fact that, since our whereabouts were revealed to an abuser, I had only been getting a couple hours of sleep at a time). You would think that would be enough. But no…I was taken to a different gal for a second eval. She apparently wasn’t so favorable…which I guess is what they wanted. That led to probably the most humiliating experience of my life!

At the recommendation of this “expert” I was taken in for a “random” drug test. An observed UA…in other words I had to pee in a cup with someone watching me! Mind you, I have never been arrested for any kind of drug or alcohol related offense. I don’t use drugs…in fact if I take even aspirin I am in more pain than most people would see a doctor for. I don’t drink either, yet I was ordered to contact a rehab place to arrange drug & alcohol assessment. This was dropped when the intake person told my case manager that I didn’t fit the criteria for needing assessment.

OK, so let’s get to the point we are at today. Over a year & my son is still being held captive. The perp I reported & was called a liar about…he’s sitting in jail in the state the offense against my son was committed in (a different state than where this c*** is taking place) awaiting sentencing for a child porn conviction. My son has disclosed about his molestation to his therapist. And with each step showing I was truthful in reporting a crime against my child, things have gotten tougher on me.

    Part 5: A call to action

Obviously I am not the only parent going through this. This site wouldn’t exist if I was. So what can we, as citizens of this USA do? Our constitutional rights have been tossed out the window. Our characters have been defamed. Our children have been stolen. And, under the current methods, we are basically powerless.

People who are unaware of the underhanded tactics used need to be informed. Our state & federal representatives need to know what is happening to families every day. We have operating in this nation an agency that doesn’t need warrants, probable cause or evidence, just their own say so. They use personal vendettas to destroy lives. They can use even reports of abuse that have been found to be without merit against you, even years after the fact.

It’s going to be a rough road, I know, to get anything done, for the simple fact that we are afraid to confront them. But for our children’s sakes, we have to get the ball rolling somewhere! At the very least there should be accountability, standardization and evidential rules in place to stop their Gestapo like tactics. Ideally, if not disbanded all together so that crimes against children are handled by law enforcement as should be the case, CPS SHOULD BE placed under law enforcement and held to those standards instead of being under Social Services.

Print this out! Show it to your church groups, social clubs, anyplace parents are. Let them know what’s happening! Make them aware that with he power and lack of control that the next child kidjacked by these people could very well be their own.



  1.    tami at February 3rd, 2010 2:33 pm:

    hello, my name is tami and i just wanted to let you know my sister is going thru the same thing. is there nothing that can be done about this? please give me information on who to contact to help her out. i find this very interesting that this kind of stuff happens all the time and there is nothing that can be done about it. this has gotten to the point that my sister and me have come to realize that the father of her baby (2 yrs) has to have some kind of connections in cps for the kind of stuff to be going on to happen. my sister has been told by her daughter that her father was being very mean to her, and she is always coming home with bruises. so when my sister had her last month she went to court and got a judge to give her a restraining order against the father, so he did not get his visitation the following week until an investagation was done. after the investagation the restraining order was removed and he was aloud visitation again. the other day when my sister went to work (at a daycare) she was called into the office and told that they were contacted by cps and that she had a complaint against her for “kidnapping” her daughter, so they were going to have to let her go. when my sister “kidnapped” her it was under a judges orders (the restraining order) so now my sister has lost her job and nothing has been done to him. cps also told my sister she is not allowed to take my niece to the doctors, or call the police for any reason concerning the father,how can they do that? please give me advice on this subject, looks like you have been there done that. thank you for your time, tami

  2.    Anon at June 1st, 2012 2:18 pm:

    our stories are extremely similar. We are only 9 months into this rediculous sherade. I’m glad you got your boy back. Doesn’t look like it will happen for me in a long time. Prayers go out to all the victims big and small of child services.

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