Going from bad to worse?0

Well, in a way it has. This whole thing started this past January (see my first blog here on the fiasco that began this journey I’m on). Since writing last, I have been moved from my home to one DV shelter and now another in order to protect my life. Why, you might ask…well, here’s why:

Now this whole thing started, like I said, in January of 09…although it really started back in October when I reported, as I should have done, that my little boy had reported to me that his dad (how I hate using that word for him) had been molesting him back in kindergarten (little man is now 9). The CPS investigator sent out was this total jerk of an idiot who sent out a determination report finding the report unsubstianted, however, in doing so he wrote up the report to make me look like a lying you know what. So I called him….left a message on his voice mail that I wanted to talk to him about the misinformation contained in the report and the next thing you know my son was being yanked out of my home and care.

The worst part of all this? The so called dad of my son is now incarcerated on felony child porn charges. Convicted of them. Has CPS, now having to see that this man is, in fact, a child predator, done anything to make right the situation? Not at all. Because of the arrest contact with the idiot was cut off…he (fortunately) had no more contact with my precious child. Which put my life in danger as he is one of those who, if he can’t have something, no one else will…so, yes, my life was seriously in danger!

So now, like I said, I am and have been for the last couple of months living in a domestic violence shelter in a city I have never been in before, having to deal with finding work and housing here so that I even have a chance of getting my child back into my custody.

My utmost concern is my son’s welfare, of course….but this whole thing has turned my life inside out…I’m STILL being punished although I did nothing wrong…although the wrongs were done to my son and myself by a wife beating child molester…..where’s the justice in all that?


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