More Outrage!0

I started this blog with some background on the case I’m dealing with. Things grew decidely worse this past week at the last court review. Not for me or my child….but in certain facts coming out about my child’s father. Now, mind you, up until last week the monster had been given contact with the child…contact I had not been giving due to the fact that my child had told me about his dad having sexually abused him (along with documented physical abuse). Guess what….at the court hearing further contact was banned for the monster…because it turns out that he had been arrested for possession, distribution and viewing of child pornography! This arrest was back in February! Had the dectective for the sheriff’s department done the criminal background check he was supposed to have done, my son wouldn’t have had to face his molester for the last 3 months…this is outrageous! All because a CPS social worker decided (back when the report of the SA was made) decided NOT to believe us.


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