OK, so one of the big news stories of the week has been that 13 year old boy who, with his mother, took off to avoid court ordered chemo. The latest, if you’ve been keeping up with this is that they have returned to comply with the court order. Now, I don’t necessarily agree with the decision they made to NOT take the chemo, but I DO agree with the family feeling that they have the right to decide…or rather the kid has the right to decide. After all, in many states a 13 year old girl can walk into a “reproductive clinic” and get on “the pill” or even have an abortion without her parents even knowing about it…but this 13 year old young man isn’t “mature” enough to decide for himself whether or not to undergo some pretty major treatment for his cancer. It just doesn’t make sense, does it?

The government needs to stay out of the concerns of families…..period. Unless there is clear and evident abuse and/or neglect, keep your (the government) noses out of our buisness!


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