Retaliation for pointing out mistake!1

OK, so it all started with my child blurting out that his dad, while we were still together, molested him on the way to school in the mornings (this was during the 2005-2006 school year).  I was advised by a CPS worker in my county to “hotline” it, which I did.  Unfortunately, the worker that came out to investigate took the attitude that I was just another b**** making a false accusation.  In fact, when he sent out the determination report, he had included information that was not true, was misleading, and that should not have been included in a report going out to the alleged perp (there were big time violations of HEPA laws).  Additionally, the response given by the perp were accepted as gospel truth!  Had this investigator contacted me, I could have pointed out the lies this monster told so that they might be more willing to do more of an investigation.  So, naively, I decided to contact this investigator to talk to him about this notice.  And what was their response?  The very next day…THE VERY NEXT DAY…Child Services, along with a Deputy Sheriff, came out to my home with an emergency removal order (issued not by a judge but by the deputy sheriff who came into my home). 

The report was pretty messed up.  Because the paperwork didn’t have an apartment number on it, this deputy went first into the apartment in front of me.  He found pretty deplorable conditions there…the gal living there was pretty bad when it came to housework.  He stated that there were dishes piled up in the sink with old food on them…dirty laundry and trash strewn all over the apartment floor…and animal feces all over the place.  I was pretty dismayed while reading this because it was NOT my apartment he was describing…I had a few dishes in the sink (lunch dishes that would have been washed that evening), I had just been to the laundry mat the day before and had no dirty clothes, & the only mess on my floor was my child’s toys.  The fact of the matter was that this so called professional had gone into an apartment that was not mine and reported her conditions as being in mine.  In fact, this so called professional was actually seen entering that apartment first!

My child is now in a children’s home, with the monster who abused us both being given visits with him!  I am being forced to jump through the hoops they are requiring of me (believe it or not, my own lawyer won’t even deal with the fact that this was done for the reason it was), and am limited to seeing my child once a week.

And all this because I had the nerve to point out some serious mistakes made by a CPS worker in another matter all together!  It’s just not right that this agency has so much power to kidnap kids legally and tear up the lives of parents.


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  1.    edmcq at April 17th, 2009 11:10 am:

    Reading this scares the Hell out of me. I have noticed serious mistakes made by DCF when they have come and investigated us. It is very upsetting and I pray for your children and you and hope you will do the same for me and mine. We have been being harassed because a doctor decided to make up information and now we got DCF thinking they have a medical degree making up things as they go it seems. Anyways may you get the luck you deserve and get your kids back (BTW you may be able to sue the individuals involved after the situation is completed so it should help your financial situation in the long run.)

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