I was put into foster care one-week before my 17th birthday because my mom was accused of false charges. Neither one of my parents were notified. I told DFCS that I wanted to move in with my dad before I was put into foster care because my mom and dad are divorced. How can I […]

Break the Silence

I have just filed my fifth appeal for denial of my due process rights. Finally there is a hearing on my fourth appeal on September 12, 2006 in San Jose. Of course, nobody in their right mind would ever step foot in California (well, just look what happened to Julie Torell! – CPS and cops […]

Are You Jacked Up?

If you are jacked up about the injustice taking place in family courts, having a price placed on the head of your child by our federal government and the ease in which others can drop a dime and anonymously eviscerate a family, you are not alone. We have a right to be up in arms. […]

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