Abusing the Abused

I’m a mother who lost her children due to domestic abuse. I didn’t know it was going to happen, but it was my fault anyways according to D.H.S. They made me sign over my parental rights of my 2 children who were 2 and 5 at the time or they would take my 7 year […]

Oconee County, GA

Hi my name is Brandy and I want to warn all parents away from Oconee County, Georgia. I’ve lived in many counties and struggled all my life but I had my babies with me and we were happy. Oconee County DFCS has destroyed my life almost completely and if they have their way they will […]

Therapeutic Fraud

I put my handicapped (cerebral palsy and mental retardation) son in therapeutic foster care so he could attend a special education school in another city. I had to work through a state contracted provider agency to get him his service. When I went and checked out his placement, it was awful — very dysfunctional and […]

Against the Odds

My daughter has been in the custody of the state (Indiana) for about 4 weeks and my story is one that I have yet to see. My daughter and I have had some serious issues for about a year and a half. Forgive me if my spelling is a little off, I’ve been awake for […]

Family Stuck In Limbo

Peggy writes in about her families struggle to obtain reunification services: Our county CPS, claims they want to reunite the family but the case worker seems to want to keep us apart. We have complied with everything they wanted us to do and they still keep our girls from us. Now they have sent our […]

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