What is the problem with my family 1

  The DCFS agents took my children from me in the year of 2003 and the case is still going. I was writing to you to tell you, that as I look back in on the case I have found serial things that they did not do justifiably by me or my children. I would like to start by staying that Justices needs to be in the cases where children are involved. Here are just a few things that the state of Illinois’ did not do right by,

                                                 1. Me and my children’s due process rights was violated 

                                                 2. Me and my children’s Constitutional Rights was violated

                                                 3. Me and my children’s Family Rights Act was violated

                                   4. Me and my children’s Human Rights was violated

With that there are so many other things that would be under just those three things they have violated. I know if you have been charged with a crime you have the right to a trail, me I was not given that privilege to have one, Or to a public trail. They did not give me the right to assistance of counsel of one’s choice.  They also did not allow me to be confronted with the witness against me. Nor did they allow me to have compulsory process for obtaining favorable witnesses. They took it a pound themselves to come into my home wit out any things saying they could come in and took my kids. Well there are some other things like keeping my kids from seeing each other and call their siblings that’s just wrong! Their safety plans are unconstitutional and disrupted a family’s right to stay together. When family members or children are removed from their homes, the child’s stable environment is at risk, especially when the familial disruption is based on an indicated report that, 75% of the time is unnecessary! Some of the policies incorporate unconstitutional assumptions. The state instead of immediately removing the children they should have gave me the option of a safety plan but they did not. My children was on medications’ that they was order by their doctors to be o then and the workers ignored the orders of don’t take the children off of it all at once but they did so anyway. The children heath care is mismanaged while they have been in foster care. At the findings they did a botched handling of my entire case with all ten of my children.

Well I want t start by saying Hello to everyone. I have been aways working on my case an my group. I wanted to share that I have found a lawer to take my case with me and my children(loving this). Well I want everything from DCFS but if not I want to know where all of the children are their changed names and records. I would like to let everyone know if their are things I need to know please let me know. I have writen all the way up to the White House about whats going on. I have alot of people calling me trying to help out with the mess up with the IL DCFS system. I will be posting things from time to time leting the groups know whats going on. Right now we are requesting for all information and files. After that I will go threw it with a fine comb and pick it apart. I will try to do this all myself and with 10 kids it may take sometime but Love will get me there this. I have three children that are out of the system but I will fight for their rights as well. Keep me and all of my kids in your prayers THANKS NISEY