Of all the gin joints, in all the world, why did she have to walk into mine? If this gal is successful, she must have something on the ball. If so, there must be so many opportunities for her to become employed with companies, corporations or jobs that are much better suited in providing her with a more satisfying careers; careers much better than this!

So why’s a woman even want to be a caseworker, for some agency with no more purpose than to disrupt the fundamental foundation of our society? Why would this woman not concentrate upon improving her life, rather than ruining the lives of so many others? Why would any person, devote themselves to destroying the childhood and future of so many offspring?

There is a program, on television, broadcast every Sunday morning. It is a requisite program for the study of social work. I’ve watched this program a few times. I’ve watched as the teacher/professor/instructor stands up in front of his class and teaches all about the identification of every different kind of social aspects in our group associations. Together this teacher and the class develop labels for these social aspects, they identify the characteristics involved and study, in depth, the intricate constructs of our society and it’s variations upon the theme. To merely pass the time, on a Sunday, after church, I would sit and watch this program and take notes about our society, its’ various quirks, its’ subtle yet unique variations and its’ divisionary boundaries.

Rarely have I watched this program and been tempted to impose my; opinion, self righteousness, and/or theories upon others. In fact, after watching this program, I can usually be found just surfing the air waves for some other boring program. Having committed myself to all the duties of my employment, throughout the week, and all of the duties of my household on Saturday, Sunday can truly be said to be that one day of rest; a day to just, “Veg.”, without purpose, motivation, and/or constructivism.

During the week I am employed as an Executive Secretary. My duties vary from composing letters in formal response to letters written to my firm, finding solutions to problems faced by my company, developing filing and organizational protocols for all the paperwork involved within my firm and its’ many subsidiaries. To some this may seem just as boring and unfulfilling as social work seems to me. On the other hand I enjoy my work and would not seek any other kind of employment. If find my job both satisfying and rewarding. I am equally sure that social workers find their employment equally satisfying and rewarding, as they help people who have lost focus with the social aspects of their lives; as they try to get them back on course.

But when we talk about, “The Child Protection System”, we’re NOT talking about social work, in its’ basic raw format. We are talking about people employed in a job that requires no formal education, no specific certification by any college, university, and/or school of higher learning; not even the one broadcasting into my home on Sunday. While the teacher and students displayed in this program seem to act in a professional manner, displaying themselves with decorum and standing, I have yet to actually see any caseworker, for any Child Protection Agency behave in such a manner. I have noticed many of these so called professional case workers behave in a manner that seems; childish, pathetic, aggressive, obtuse, overbearing and imposing. Yet time and again, I have witnessed the identification of this behavior, on that Sunday morning program.

It would seem there’s little prerequisite for a job with the Child Protection System. In fact, almost no education is required to be a caseworker; a high school diploma, and that’s about it. Even a G.E.D. equivalency seems enough for this type of job. On the positive side, it is a union job, complete with; benefits, handsome office environment, and other perks. As a caseworker, one might get a company car or have the agency make payments to me for gas, mileage, even insurance and registration for one’s own car.

I guess all one has to do is just hang around some C.P.S. agency or watch for postings, listed on the Government’s employment bulletin board, or some such thing and go out to get a job as a C.P.S. caseworker. That’s usually the start of a career with the Child Protection System; a career that can lead to supervisor, and even to Director one day.

But one has to make sure that one has the stomach for this kind of work. It’s not easy to come into a home and see some crack addict mother who put her newborn in the microwave and cooked the child by mistake. It’s not easy to see a child with welts and scars from old wounds because the child’s drunken parent had no patience with their offspring. It’s not easy to walk into a domestic dispute and try to resolve the situation. But fear not ! If you’re already a bully, (and I suspect that you are), these kinds of things won’t phase you too much. In fact, it’s unlikely that you’d even consider a job as a C.P.S. caseworker, unless you are a bully and get off on throwing your weight around and imposing yourself on other people.

Not to worry too much though. It’s unlikely you’ll be in attendance when the crack mother cooks her child in the microwave, or fear for yourself in the middle of a violent domestic dispute. These are matters that are usually handled by the police. Truth is, most times you’ll be called in when there is no crime. You’ll just be used when a professional is concerned, or some neighbor has a grudge. It is really so pathetic; let me count the ways. But, that’s the job description. If you’re a bully and you just can’t wait to use some kind of power and authority to step on someone, then this job is really for YOU !

I’ve talked with many caseworkers and they almost constantly complain that it is a, “thankless job”. Well, of course it’s a thankless job honey, what did you expect? Did you really think anyone was going to shake your hand and show appreciation for the fact that you devastated a family, sent a person with an emotional problem or two into a raving psychosis, destroyed the innocence of a small child, and/or pounced on a father for maybe being a little strict? Did you really expect someone to say, “Thank You”, for ruining a family’s genealogical history, or congratulate you for sending the family’s bread winner to the bread lines? What did you actually hope to accomplish with all your terrorist tactics, as you jack booted your way into some family home? Oh, it all looks good on paper, with its’ many technical terms and legalese, but really, what was your goal here, with this family?

I’ve met a lot of caseworkers, during my tenure with the company I work for and I have yet to get an answer from one single caseworker to questions I developed years ago;

How many children have you protected because their life was in grave and eminent danger?

How many children have you helped to become a wholesome and productive adults?

How many families are actually much better off than they were before you became involved?

I’ve listened to many testimonies, by caseworkers, on the witness stand, in Family Court. I’ve read many depositions and witness statements, from caseworkers who committed signature to paper; at least exaggeration, at most perjury. Yet no Family Court Justice ever stopped proceedings, and send these liars to jail, as time and again, these caseworkers, swore to tell the truth, and were caught lying like a rug, on the witness stand.

For the rest of us to show this kind of blatant disrespect and contempt, we would face life in front of a firing squad. But still, these caseworkers hold such trust and total believability in Family Court. What makes caseworkers more trustworthy than anyone else? How’s it they hold such esteem before Family Court Justices?

There are caseworkers, (be it few), who find employment within the Child Protection System, to be a strain on their psychological and emotional condition. I feel sad for these individuals. While this may seem like a contradiction, and I may indeed seem to make me a hypocrite, truth is these few caseworkers are the ones with a real conscience. There is no authority, oversight, or power that can make them feel guilty, when they terrorize parents, threaten families and mortify children; the ones that do have my respect. I have absolutely no time or patience for the rest of them. The rest are but bullies, terrorists, childish, vengeful creatures who haven’t yet grown up and use, or should I say abuse the system merely to please themselves.

In summary, I guess I have little use for personnel in the Child Protection System. I have no use for caseworkers, no respect for supervisors, no consideration for Agency Directors, and no patience for lawyers. As far as I’m concerned, if you have a job related to the Child Protection System, as; caseworker, supervisor, director, lawyer, guardian, foster parent, whatever, I don’t have much use for you and even less respect. You are the bottom of the social scale, within the rank and file of Government postings; far below garbage men. If I were you, better I be unemployed and homeless, than do what these people do to families.

We are on this mortal coil for but a blink, in the lifespan of this planet. I believe in GOD, and the chance of one day residing with him, in his holiness, in heaven, forever; which is not a blink in time. So the question is, “Would one give up eternity for the opportunity to gain some little power and severely abuse it here on earth, or would one pay respect and dignity to one’s fellow human beings, and reign in heaven forever and ever, Amen?” It seems like a, “ NO BRAINER ”, to me…

I heard about personnel of a Child Protection Agency, in a distant town, going out on strike. I know that caseworkers have a union, like any other government job, but what the hell could Child Protection Agency personnel have to complain about that is so grievous they would go out on strike to protest it? I mean the most amount of stress these workers have to worry about is the agency’s policy regarding making money for the agency, whenever, wherever and however they can. Some agencies are privatized, like those of the Children’s Aid Societies, CAS & CCAS, in Canada, while others are directly connected to the government, as with the Department of Child and Youth Services, D.C.Y.S. Whatever their status, they are supposed to report, one and all, to our Ontario, Canada’s Ministry of Children and Youth Services. Problem is, the Minister that holds this posting usually does little or nothing about whatever evils lurk within the system. The net result is that this evil will grow and spread, as more and more children are apprehended, until the very foundation of our social structure collapse under the strain of its’ over-weakened condition.

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