From my heart to yours !!!

As a Spirtual Being with a Physical Body, I experience many emotions; frustration, joy, pain, pleasure and grief.

As a mother, my most wounderful experience came about due to the birth of all four of my precious children.

I cried with joy when I frist found out I was carrying a new little life within me. I spent the 9 months of pregnancy dreaming of names, giggles, small feet and tiny hands.

I woundered what we would experience together on his journey wee call life.

When each first looked at me with trust and love and called me mamma, my heart filled with such joy I thought I would surely bust from the intensity of the pleasure.

As each grew and our relationship became closer with each passing day,our friendship also grew.

There is no joy like that of being a parent…… nor is there any pain like that of a parent who looses their child.

The loss I speak of is not that of the loss of the physical body, as hard as that would be.

I speack od a loss where strangers come into the privacy of your home, strip your children from your arms and remove them to Government Foster Homes.

Most of us never give this a thought. We feel safe and secure within the walls of our homes. Yet for many families this is a daily nightmare, causing emotional pain and financial ruin.

This site is to give you the tools to educate yourself on the reality of what Child Protective Service is really all about.

Read the stories of other and send your light and prayer to them.

Join with me in seeing this stop, and the family once again is free from Goverment abuse.

I do not in any way advocate the abuse of children or anyone in this country.

I believe that each life is precious and should be respected.

Each person should be free to love and be loved and their rights always protected.

I do urge you to find out what is happening in this country, and vote, pray; send light………. that change will come soon.

I hope to soon see the day, when all parents and their children truly are as safe within the walls of their homes as we think ourselves to be.

But for now, all it takes is a phone call from someone who does not like you or don’t even have to give their names.

The report may not even be true. Social Workers come into you home and without a warrent or criminal charges can and often WILL remove children from you arms of loving parents and place them in the homes of strangers who are paid to take care for them


Let us work for change. I pray it never happens to you ……. or your children !!!!