City Finds 17 Kids Living In Deplorable Conditions



City inspectors found nearly 20 kids living inside a small home with no electricity.On Thursday, the city of Albuquerque red-tagged a home on Alamo Avenue SE and said it found 17 children and their parents living there in deplorable conditions.”You see so many little kids running and you’re afraid for their safety more than anything,” said neighbor Elvira Soto.Officials with Nuisance Abatement say they’ve red tagged two other homes these people have lived in for similar reasons and referred them to the Children, Youth and Families Department at least three different times.”These situations are harder than most,” Soto said.A spokesperson for CYFD said the agency did look into these cases, but could not do much about the problems.”A crowded situation is not in it of itself is not a reason for the agency to intervene,” said CYFD spokesperson Romaine Serna.Especially because CYFD claims there was no evidence of abuse or neglect, so workers had no grounds to take those children into protective custody.”Poverty is not a reason to remove children from the care of their families,” saidRight now the agency is involved in this most recent case and helping the parents get affordable housing and resources to keep those kids safe, but if their efforts don’t work and those children are at risk they could get taken away.Those parents and kids are staying at a motel.Police said they have been called to their most recent home, 45 times in the last year and those calls have cost taxpayers more than $4,000.

June 28th, 2010
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2 Responses to “City Finds 17 Kids Living In Deplorable Conditions”

  1. Michele Bridge Says:

    Poverty is not abuse, having a large group or family living together is not either. Financially this may be the only way these people are surviving. If neighbors are calling police what are the reasons? If it is simply because there are lots of children then that is rediculous, and maybe they should be charged with filing false reports and wasting police time. What are deplorable conditions to a nosy neighbor may be the dinner dishes waiting a night or two, or not being able to pay for garbage removal everyother day. We as a society have become to involved in others lives to fix our own. I was glad to see someone finally admit that being poor does not mean abuse. You can live with out money, love, attention, bonding can not be bought. If the children are loved, happy and going to school then the parents are providing what they need. Everything else is a luxery, not a necessity. Wake up people, money is a man made evil and its destroying real values and families.

  2. Markeshia Zimmerman Says:

    Here is my story,

    It was August of 95 I was about to turn 16,I’ll never forget how nervous I was when my doctor came back into the room.She sat down and asked me if I wanted to know the out come of the pregnacy test I had taken.At first I didn’t wanna know and said no,but then I changed my mind and told her yes please tell me.
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    With my mother on drugs who would be there to stop me from staying with my baby?I took on the responsibility of taking care of me,my son,and my little brother.I made sure that we had food and clean clothes.
    My son was truning into quite the little butterball.He was always smiling even when he had poop up his back and down his legs from one of his blow outs.When I took him to the doctor for his check ups everyone from the nurses to the other parents with children said how handsome and happy he is.He would just smile and snuggle in my neck.
    So one day a dhs worker shows up at our home and says that he has gotten a report that we don’t have heat,and electric.He says that me,my son and my brother have to leave the home and stay with our grandmother.
    So we go and stay with her there is no room for our clothes and baby supplies.So me being the one who has always taken care of my brother.I go back to the house to get some clothes from the young ones.I didn’t care about my clothes,the young ones needed clothes.
    My grandmother was very sick at the time and could not keep an eye on my son while I went to get clothes.Since I never leave my son anywhere with anybody I took him with me.
    The worker shows up and says to me “I told you didn’t I?” I didn’t even pay attention to him since I had something to do that very same day.My son needed to be clean and ready to go to the doctor’s to get some shots since now he was 10 months old.
    So I got the colthes and went back to my grandmother’s house to get him ready for the doctor.We left and went to the doctor.My son once again got a clean bill of health and hugs and kisses from the doctors and nurses.
    We are on the way up the street and I see what I think is the worker and two male police officers outside my grandmother’s house.I continue to walk up the street and there he is with two male police officers ready and waiting to take my baby.
    I walk right pass him and go inside to get my baby out of the cold.It’s Febuary 26,1997.The dhs worker and the two male police officers chase me through the house all the way to the back yard and in the back yard the two male police officers hold down my 17 year old 125 pound frame as if I am a man wanted for murdering the president and the worker takes my screaming and crying baby out of my arms.
    The police officers then proceed to place me in hand cuffs like I have just broken the law.The carry me up the steps and tell me that if I don’t stop screaming my baby’s name that they will drop me on the steps.They bring me into the house and leave me by the front door on the floor. I stay there all night waiting for him to bring my baby back. He never does.
    I got to court the next day and I have no idea what is going on since I have never been to court a day in my life.I don’t understand what is going on.I’m looking around for my baby so I can stop him from crying,he is no where to be found.
    I then find out in the court room that he has been placed.I ask the court appointed lawyer what does that mean he says that he is in a foster home.What,why,where is my baby?I did exatcly what the worker wanted me to do and he took my baby away from me.It has been over 14 years since I was able to hold my baby and kiss him good night.They have screwed up me and my son as a result of what they have done to the both of us my son has been abused in more ways than one.
    I was been in several mental health facilities for depression.I have been in and out of therapy since I was 17.I am now 31.I have 3 daughters and dhs still haresses me till this day about my children.Every time a worker comes to my house they always bring up my son which as I write this now is extremly painful to me.

    The department of humas services took him away from me because we were poor I kept my son safe 100% of the time.
    The department of human services took him and placed him in danger 100% of the time.
    Now I am in the process of getting him back into my life and home.I have spoken to his current social worker and he has had me get a psyche eval and I have to complete something called a parenting capaticy test,something which I have never heard of.I am doing what they want me to do so I can get my son home with me and his 3 sisters.I can’t let them know that I see a therapist because of what they did to me when I was 17 or I would never see my son again.I had the eval done and from the outside lookin in the Dr. said that I looked happy and well.She said that she would put in the report that there are no apparent mental issues.
    I don’t know how everything will come out in the end but I am hoping for the best.I know I waited a long time to do anything but I had been told by the woman who was raising my son since he was 2 years old that he was doing fine and everything was ok.I later found out that that was not the case and she as abuseing him.
    I had to step in and do something about what has happened to him for the past 14 years.I was lead to believe by someone who I trusted that everything was fine and he would be ok.I have to undo the damage that DHS has caused to my son.It will be a long process and I am willing to do what I need to do for his well being.I hope that I didn’t take up too much of your time telling you my story.
    I have been to the court date on 1/12/11.I have found out that the foster wants to adopt him.I went to the court date with the hopes that I would be able to defend myself against what has been said about me but when I got there I found out not only that I was not going to be allwoed in the court room but also that I would not be able to say anything about what was said about me at previous court dates.I have found out that there has to be a family profile done which will take about three months.The adoption may be finalized by August.Which gives me seven months to do what I need to do.I some help with this situation,any help is greatly appreciated.I am willing to do anything to help the right person who is willing to help me.
    I know I have waited a very long time to do something but I was led to believe that everything was ok with my son and he was doing well.I know I am fighting an up hill battle but with the right help I know that we can make it through this process.I am not asking for complete and total help just someone who is willing to show me what I need to do and to guide me through it.I have collected alot of information that I have gathered from several sources through out the web.

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