In America, do we value freedom over protecting children?

Taking on the issue of regulating the Internet is extremely unpopular. The political left wants a free and unregulated Internet, and the right opposes hard regulation too.

Ever since the Internet was invented, a war has waged about who owns it and who controls it. The inventors, thinking about the value of worldwide access to information and learning – a noble endeavor – never considered in those first few years that their invention would be a global delivery system and facilitator of the largest contagion ever known to mankind — child rape.

This past week, Congress held an oversight hearing and asked hard questions of FCC Chairman Genachowski about his plans, and recent failed attempts, to regulate content on the Internet much the same way he regulates Radio and TV.

The problem is that the government doesn’t own the Internet and lacks the authority to control content being trafficked across its backbone.

So who is responsible for controlling illegal content online?

One brave foreign ISP Provider wanted to measure the traffic of child rape images being accessed on their network in one country (roughly the size of New Jersey). What did they find?

120,000 transactions involving known child pornography in a single day.

June 25th, 2010
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