Another year another fight for my kids !!!

Here it is coming to the end of the year 2009. Some people will be glade to see another year me, no I will be looking around wondering what are my kids doing. As all mothers I look at other families and ask my self I wonder what my kids are doing??? Yes I ask myself this why because the state say that I can no longer be apart of what God gave me!! Wow is that something people think about? Normly no but me yes!!! As the years go by I hope and pray all of this work that I have done is not in vane. I would like just one chirstmas to see all of my children all together laughing and playing again before my work on earth is done. I would like to have to know the harsh doing and struggles I have been threw because I love them so much to have them to do the right thing. I ask myself alot of times plenty of people went to the WOOD SHED I did it made me the person that I am today Thanks to my family. I see people talking about people everyday and not realy looking at the BIG picture them selfs. To change someone or something you first have to start with SELF, yes SELF. Now I fell that people that make rules they should look into them self and see if they to can handle what they are dishin out to America. If everyone one would stand up for what is right things would not be like this. Everyone one must come together as one to fight the eveil in the world but it must statr within thats YOU !!! Change to make a differnce in you life your kids and the world. PLEASE stand up and fight I will make this first on my list everyday every year till I have my family back together again!!!