CPS Re-Evaluation

Friday afternoon, one agent only came from CPS, instead of 2 and a police officer.

We had 2 maids come help us detail for 4 hours the evening prior who were also shocked at the way we have been treated. The owners of the maid service felt obligated to write CPS a letter stating that our house was not in any condition showing neglect over time, as it usually takes frequent sanitizing efforts to recover a home in that state. They confirmed we were being harassed.

The agent walked through my home taking pictures, this time deciding to take pictures of the garage and my bedroom, also, which he didnt take on the original visit stating it wasn’t a child living area if they didnt go in there. I guess he changed his mind?

I also inquired about exact reasons to remove the home (what specifics made my home inhabitable for the kids) and all he could tell us was that “the clutter proved to be easier cleaned up without the children present”.

Let me warn you, readers, that- what the agent SAYS to you is not in stone. They can say whatever they want and then change their story. The proof is what is on the report and record, and until you get a hold of that, everything is hearsay.

I was also critical over the fact they interviewed my children alone separately and conviently while they were interviewing me downstairs. My girls have both told me it was a lie that we left them home alone on multiple occasions. My daughter has also since, learned a lesson about adults. Prior to this, she believed Adults couldn’t lie.

The kids were given the okay and then we were told that they would be giving us a surprise visit within the next 30-60 days.

This has force injected an anal bug into our bodies now. We can’t relax, feel comfortable or peaceful in our own home and are constantly looking for something we missed to clean.

Im beaten broken and anxiety takes over too often.


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