Family Found Slain After CPS deems Household Safe

Family Found Slain After CPS deems Household Safe

This story that has recently hit the news headlines of a father who killed his wife and five kids is evidence that CPS is broken. It’s not that CPS didn’t do enough, or that they did too much to cause this father to kill his family.

The situation is that even a well-meaning organization cannot be EFFECTIVE just because guidelines are put in place. There is no REAL way to protect our kids through the current guidelines and practices of CPS .

A normal surprise visit case should be the family with some dishes in the sink, with laundry that needs to be done and happy kids who maybe have a smudge of dirt on their face and dirty knees on their pants.

In all honesty, a family of 7 that is perfectly trimmed, neat, clean shows something is out of place and needs to be investigated. Cleanliness is NOT next to Godliness in the situation of dangers to a family.

Removing children because a family does not appear pristine is a farse.

Children Were Taken Into Protective Custody Over Pictures Taken at Bath Time

Couple Sues Wal-Mart for Calling Cops Over Bath Time Photos

Children Were Taken Into Protective Custody Over Pictures Taken at Bath Time

PEORIA, Ariz., Sept. 20, 2009

For Lisa Demaree and her husband A.J., it was the hardest time of their lives. It all began a year ago, when the Demarees dropped off some digital photos to be printed at their local Wal-Mart in Peoria, Ariz.

“It was a nightmare, it was unbelievable. I was in so much disbelief. I started to hyperventilate. I tried to breathe it out,” Lisa Demaree said, struggling through tears.

Among the batch of 144 family photos, the developer spotted eight photos that shocked her and she turned them over to police.

According to the police report, photos were of the children in provocative positions, with their genitals exposed.

“Some of the photos are bath time photos,” Lisa said, “but there are a few after the bath. Three of the girls are naked, laying on a towel with their arms around each other, and we thought it was so cute.”

Investigators went to the Demaree home to question them and search their residence.

A.J. Demaree said he could understand why the police were there, but he said the pictures were innocuous snapshots of his kids goofing around, and some of them involved the children being naked.


ABC News was able to obtain access to four of the photos. There are still nine other photographs which were not released because the Demarees’ lawyer said that the photos were intended for private home use and showing them to outside parties would violate the law for distribution of child pornography.

“We have told our girls that they have freedom to be in their home and feel OK about their bodies and their nudity, but that there is a time and a place for it,” Lisa said…. (read more)

“Homebirth Ended in a Horrid Hospital Visit”

Here is a story from a wonderful family who decided to have a homebirth. When the mother’s placenta didn’t come out right away, and they went to the hospital, they were treated horribly.

Issues like this are prevelant, even leading to social calls of neglect.

Our Happy Homebirth Ended in a Horrid Hospital Visit

November 02, 2007 by Heather B.

Thankfully We Weren’t There Long & All Came Home Ok!

After our beautiful unassisted homebirth, we waited several hours for the placenta to come, but it did not. After six hours, we cut the baby’s umbilical cord and started getting ready to go to the hospital. I called ahead to inquire about their procedures for retained placenta. I stated a desire to try minimally-invasive techniques before D&C and not to be admitted. The nurse was optimistic and said that usually a D&C is unnecessary, but if I did need one, it would be quick. The doctor’s response was more pessimistic–that I’d have to let him do whatever was necessary to get it out even if that meant wheeling me into the ER.

I was worried about going to the hospital. I had heard of hospital staff treating women very cruelly after homebirths that went awry. I had also heard of people reporting parents to CPS for having unassisted homebirths. I didn’t know what to expect. We even considered not bringing the baby along, but ultimately decided it would be best to let them see for themselves how healthy he was. I was hoping for the best but still terrified of the worse. Our experience was somewhere in between that. Had I told the whole truth, I fear it would have been even less pleasant. READ MORE…

Pictures of the Morning After

Pictures of the home the morning after CPS left.

Here are pictures of our home the morning after CPS came, early Wednesday morning- dead quiet without the voices of our five kiddos that normally fills the home.
They left Tuesday at 5pm and we had it cleaned that night.
Mind you, they said there was no way we could get a house as disgusting and ‘unacceptable’ as ours sanitary before Friday.







I paced and walked our home over and over in tears and disbelief that something like this was possible. What about the children out there who need protection? The ones beaten and bruised who flinch when you raise a hand- the ones lusted after at night, visited by their mother’s current flame aka predator? WHY were these people even in my home???? Interigating us, of all people in the whole world????

You could walk down any slum in the area with out question- even any middle income home, upper income home- and take every CHILD IN THIS STATE if the conditions to remove a child are this lax. Lord help us all.


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