Update: June 2010

Hello everyone! I know I havent been on posting much but well, cant neglect those kids you know! 😉

Much has happened since Ive last posted. One, I have actually become close with a gal from my church who is also a CPS officer. She, my friends, is the ‘good guy’. She questions, and is there to help parents who need helping. She has never brought backup or an officer to a home, and believe me she has seen BAD.

She has only had to remove children from really bad neglect issues after many times trying to help rehab the parents and working with them. In the end- it was a better situation for the cases.

Curiously, she had never seen a case like mine before we met. She comes pretty often to my home, brings her kids in, and sees what destruction has happened to me because of my situation. It takes a LOT OF FAITH to consistantly bring in a CPS worker to your home and let down your guard after having your children removed by one only a year prior.

But I feel the Lord is trying to work healing in me. Maybe I can be of benefit to her, too?

She has recently come to some major issues at her work that she is struggling with. A case where the child was removed under wrongful terms and she was threatened in her face to keep quiet. So from here, this is where the seed grows and reform starts. Every good CPS worker needs to take the initiative and stand up for what is right. Mothers and fathers and people who want to see families grow together- not destroyed, need to reach out and help demand CPS reform!

The gross amount of control these people have over our babies is disgusting.

A great site to visit is http://www.reformcpsnow.com/ . There are a lot of great organizations to get invovled in, but we must promote the awareness of the abuse of power from the law enformcement and our government.

I hope you are all doing well and that justice has been done in  your lives… I will continue to pray for those of you who have yet to see justice.

Best regards,

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