Living Meager- Is it Against the Law?

You wake up in the morning to the sound of birds. Zipping open your door you greet your neighbor, a figure climbing out of their front door- their tent.

This is what a few families have been forced to do for a living, tents in the wilderness complete with pantry and Port-a-potty. But included in this community are two little kids, ages 7 and 5. How long will it be before CPS walks up to their camp prepared to remove the children because they do not conform to what society feels is ‘proper living’? I will say that with the cold front that moved in today, I would be concerned over the warmth but the issue here is where government power starts and our own personal rights end.

I’m very critical over news stations not only revealing information that could bring harm to people like this, but also legal action. These people have no where else to go, and now they will probably get a visit from local law enforcement removing their children, their disability checks and food stamps will be denied because they are breaking the rules by sharing.


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