Children Were Taken Into Protective Custody Over Pictures Taken at Bath Time

Couple Sues Wal-Mart for Calling Cops Over Bath Time Photos

Children Were Taken Into Protective Custody Over Pictures Taken at Bath Time

PEORIA, Ariz., Sept. 20, 2009

For Lisa Demaree and her husband A.J., it was the hardest time of their lives. It all began a year ago, when the Demarees dropped off some digital photos to be printed at their local Wal-Mart in Peoria, Ariz.

“It was a nightmare, it was unbelievable. I was in so much disbelief. I started to hyperventilate. I tried to breathe it out,” Lisa Demaree said, struggling through tears.

Among the batch of 144 family photos, the developer spotted eight photos that shocked her and she turned them over to police.

According to the police report, photos were of the children in provocative positions, with their genitals exposed.

“Some of the photos are bath time photos,” Lisa said, “but there are a few after the bath. Three of the girls are naked, laying on a towel with their arms around each other, and we thought it was so cute.”

Investigators went to the Demaree home to question them and search their residence.

A.J. Demaree said he could understand why the police were there, but he said the pictures were innocuous snapshots of his kids goofing around, and some of them involved the children being naked.


ABC News was able to obtain access to four of the photos. There are still nine other photographs which were not released because the Demarees’ lawyer said that the photos were intended for private home use and showing them to outside parties would violate the law for distribution of child pornography.

“We have told our girls that they have freedom to be in their home and feel OK about their bodies and their nudity, but that there is a time and a place for it,” Lisa said…. (read more)

19 Jan 2010, 7:02pm
by Ann Marie

I am so sorry to hear about what you are going through and that something so innocent turned out to be such a huge disaster. In the olden days it was never a problem to take pictures of your babies growing up even if it was at bath time. I just saw a movie on something very similiar to this case and her children too were taken and given to the grandparents for temporary custody until they went to court. This mother had a best friend who was a photographer and had just come in to visit her best friend and her three children it was in the morning and the children were just getting up and ready to get dressed. The girls liked to jump around on the bed in just their under ware and her best friend took pictures of the girls just fooling around, something so innocent turned into what your going through but in the end through the court battles even the judge said that the pictures were innocent and she won her case. I truly hope that your children have returned to you, I too have had my child taken away from me on December 30, 2009 whom by the way has been diagnosed with Autism/ Asperger’s Syndrome. along with E.E. which is a esophageal disease which means it is due to being allergic to a lot of foods and acid reflux. A problem he has been going through since birth. I would like to know have you gotten your problem cleared up and I hope by the sake of god you have your children back. No one and I mean no one can understand what we are going through unless they have had the most important thing in their life taken away from them on ridiculous charges.

Tell me how I can contact you so that we can talk further. What needs to happen is everyone who has been falsely accused needs to come out and stand up for our children and make the CPS DSS not believe that they are higher than anyone in this world. Clearly they do believe they are.

Ann Marie


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