July 2009

Our dining room and Kitchen

Well, here is the downstairs recently. I’m due in 5 weeks so it’s getting down to the wire.
We havent heard from CPS since June, where they said that their case was inconclusive whether or not our home was a detriment to the safety of the kids.

We looked for a new home for a while but things werent panning out, so we’re staying. It’s still nerve wrecking because- Im sure theyre waiting for me to have the baby first before visiting. They have VERY LITTLE to prosecute and take my kids over, so if anything would provide any material- a new baby would be one.

Holding a new guy!

I even had a new visitor recently and got to hold her 6 week old baby. 🙂 I look forward to the day I can feel more comfortable in my own home having people over and not having to jump everytime the doorbell rings or someone knocks.

Remind me I need to install a peephole too…


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