Pictures of the Morning After

Pictures of the home the morning after CPS left.

Here are pictures of our home the morning after CPS came, early Wednesday morning- dead quiet without the voices of our five kiddos that normally fills the home.
They left Tuesday at 5pm and we had it cleaned that night.
Mind you, they said there was no way we could get a house as disgusting and ‘unacceptable’ as ours sanitary before Friday.







I paced and walked our home over and over in tears and disbelief that something like this was possible. What about the children out there who need protection? The ones beaten and bruised who flinch when you raise a hand- the ones lusted after at night, visited by their mother’s current flame aka predator? WHY were these people even in my home???? Interigating us, of all people in the whole world????

You could walk down any slum in the area with out question- even any middle income home, upper income home- and take every CHILD IN THIS STATE if the conditions to remove a child are this lax. Lord help us all.

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