*My original post of everything that happened has completely vanished. The page is deleted, missing. I did not delete it and have no clue what happened at this point.*

I am in my first week of falling down Alice’s Rabbit hole in the CPS disaster.
Here is my story. Please read it, I will update you later on. We find out today at some time, if we get our kids back.

I hope you get your children back soon! God help those who work in the child stealing industry. They should be hung out to dry.

We got our children back that Friday, but the experience has left us scarred and scared. We suspect everyone now and it’s as if there is no room to breath.

They made a surprise visit on Monday- I’ll update the blog with a post here in a sec.

Go to our website and see the video Judi Chases Amber Alert. or google Judi Chases Amber Alert.

My daughter has been in fostercare for the last
3 1/2 year and my husband and I are appealing
to the NJ Supreme Court to try to get her returned
Please send me an email at


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