please help

14 07 2011

June 6,2011 my brother-in law died in a car wreck he had three children on June 7,2011 Trenton Missouri DFS came in and took the kids because my sister had a dirty urine test while he was pregnant. The social worker told me that I couldnt have the kids because I was on the child abuse registry later after calling numerous DFS workers I found out that I was not on no list that the social worker had lied to me. They still wont give me my niece and nephews that are totally devastated by all this and even worse they have now put my niece in a home because shes disabled so now my nephews have lost not only there parents and family now they have takenn there sister from them. So I ask how can DFS lie to me about being on the abuse registry when I am auctually not and get away with it Ithink this is a lawsuit for defacement of character please help what can I do