This blog has been created to inform people of the difficulties and barriers the Juvenile Dependency System has created for parents and children. While the Legislature may have had good intentions when enacting certain state laws and Acts, it failed to recognize the possibility of corruption, greed, and multiple other personal defects natural to the human existence. Allowingsocial workers to apply personal opinions to situations without appropriate supervision, makes it appear as if they have the powers of God himself, but the effect upon the family unit and the parent-child relationship is fatal, and continues to remain so.

Problems often arise in the overall view the public has in regards to an abused or neglected child, created from centuries of orphans abandoned by their parents, as well as the fact that only severe cases get reported by the media. When parents, such as myself and my husband, reach out to institutions, claiming to offer assistance, they are immediately stereotyped as monsters, and turned away. The law, which has recognized this problem, has failed to offer any sort of relief to parents and their children.

This blog reflects the research and struggles my family has undergone in an attempt to understand and exercise what little rights we have under California Laws. Reading codes and finding appropriate venues to regain custody of our children has been paramount in our work. Statue of limitations have rushed us into developing legal assumptions of what certain statues may mean and by what procedures can be taken, because of this, its important to understand all information here is OPINION not fact. Please do not use the information obtained as any legal basis, RESEARCH everything or seek guidance from an experienced attorney prior to making any legal choices.