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In the beginning, there were two…

Meet Jamee and Gunner
In the beginning, there were two. I moved in to my boyfriend’s house with my two children. I expected pure happiness. The few weeks that followed were nothing but misery. My children and my boyfriends children bonded, like I’ve never seen. The first night that we stayed there was rough, like expected for any children in a new environment. The next day, my kids went back to stay with their father. The day after that I get a call saying that my daughter said my boyfriend’s daughter touched her. My ex recorded her saying what she told him AFTER the first time. My boyfriend’s daughter is 7 and my daughter is 5. At first, my ex was letting us work on the issue at home and rearrange rooms and everything. My step-mother decided to put in her two cents and tell him what to do. So, he went to the police station and then they opened an investigation with Project Harmony(a safe Haven for ABUSED children). My daughter had appointment made with them to do an interview and question her about what was going on. In between that time, my ex kept my children hidden from me for 9 days straight. In the mean time, my boyfriend had said that he had taken his daughter to a therapist and that the therapist said that his daughter wasn’t a harm to any children… etc etc. My ex wanted proof so my boyfriend sent him a letter stating what the therapist said. Come to find out, the letter was fraudulent. Let it be noted that my boyfriend was not legally punished for this letter. I don’t think what he did was right but I understand the intentions of his actions. The day of my daughters interview I decided to stay with my parents until the “investigation was over”. A few days after staying with my parents, I learned that my daughter was coached to say things against my boyfriend and his daughter and that my step-mother lied to me about a certain detective on the case that was “trying to get a hold.” The story behind the lie doesn’t bother me, it’s the fact that she lied to her own family to get her way and to intimidate me. Apparently, following the interview, I was “ordered” by CPS and the detective that I were to not take my children back to my boyfriend’s house. Let THAT be noted, that I don’t ever recall an ORDER not to go there. They suggested it, but never did they said they ORDERED me not to take my children back there. The night that I brought my children back to my boyfriend’s home….my new home, CPS and the local police department¬† knocked on our door to take my kids away. No warrant. No nothing that states that what I did was harmful for my children and that they were there for that reason to take my children from me. I did what I thought I had to for the best interest of my children. I was cited with child neglect and abuse. A case was opened on my boyfriend’s daughter as well. Just a few weeks ago, the case on my boyfriend’s daughter was dropped and then my citation was dropped. A few days ago, I plead guilty to quicken the process to get my babies back. 5 days a week for 2 hours a day, I get to see my kids. I don’t get to put them to sleep. I don’t get to see their bed heads in the morning. I don’t get bathe them. I don’t get to take them anywhere now unless it’s with supervision in any place other than in my home. Now they’re living with their father and they’re wards of the state. And a few days ago, I was served to start paying child support to the state that took my children away from me. In 2 months, I go in for my disposition hearing. This thing wouldn’t be going on if it weren’t for CPS, the Guardian ad Litem and the district attorney holding the fraudulent letter submitted by my boyfriend against me! Like I said previously, what he did was wrong, but he wasn’t charged or ticketed or anything for it.

As for the attorneys that are “representing my children”, I can say that I don’t feel that they have my children at their best interest. Up until the news debuted their horrible representation, the guardian ad litem had yet to come to one of my “team meetings” and seemed to have the only interest of keeping my children in the system rather than bringing them back to my home. I believe her name is Regina. I can’t remember. In court, I’ve asked to have my children have our visits at my home. But the Guardian Ad Litem, had said that it would traumatize my daughter for life. As if ripping my children from their new home for an incident that could’ve been taken care of CORRECTLY, and having them live with their grandparents…. wasn’t harmful enough..I admit that I’m not perfect, and like every other mother, I feel as if I do not do enough to make my children happy….because they deserve the best. But I am not a BAD mother. I’ve always done my best to make sure my children are safe, healthy, and happy. Since this has happened, I feel as if I’ve failed, that the courts will always be judging me, that everywhere I look, someone will be there watching me and jumping in when I go through with my children’s custody case when the divorce process starts. Causing an unnecessary chaos is hurting my children and my boyfriend and his children[who have grown to love all of us] more than it would to fix the problem correctly.

I would also like to make it a point that my boyfriends daughter has been in counseling since this has started, which has been a few months, and the “victim” of this whole situation has just had her first appointment last week. When this was brought up to the Guardian Ad Litem, she was confused as to why she was in counseling so soon……
But, wouldn’t you WANT the person who had the “harm” done to them go into counseling ASAP? My case worker blamed it on Medicaid and that they couldn’t get it activated quickly enough and so on and so forth. The only thing I see here is pure laziness and the desperate need to continue to keep my children from being TRULY happy and away from their mother.

I don’t doubt that something happened with my daughter and my boyfriend’s daughter. But who, when they were that young, can agree that they’ve been curious with body parts?

Help me get my kids back. Help me get CPS and any law enforcement and attorneys off my back for something that could’ve been handled in the house with correct therapy.

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