We live in the state of New Jersey since 02/03/12, from Massachusetts to seek stable and better living for the family. We had triplet on 03/16/10, lost one to Necrotizing enterocolitis (NEC) after 27days of life. We strongly intervene to keep the other two alive and well, after having them transferred to another hospital.

By God’s Grace they came home after almost 4months of hospitalization, home on July 13,2010. They had Early Intervention since being home.  Two (2)months after been home doctors stated filing false report on us with Department of Children’s and Family, MA for 2yrs we never been at peace. Any questions we ask them about the care our babies are getting become a huge unnecessary problem. We have followed up with all appointments and done all the necessary care devoted parent would do for their kids.

On 08,2011 their new pediatrician calms that the youngest has sickle cell, we asked her for explanation of the test she did we got no answer for that. When a child has sickle cell it is known on the new born screen immediately the child is born and blood work is done the test has disappeared. He is not being able to sit by himself  and walk and just turn two (2)years old, No doctor is willing to look into it, diagnose him as why he is not walking to get him the treatment he needs in MA, because they are don’t want to find out the truth of it been the infiltration that has paralyze him waist down instead they want to blame it on cerebral palsy.

which we were extremely concern about. Two (2) tests were done by their PCP and she couldn’t give a diagnosis. On 12/20/11 a third DCF case in MA was for the sickle cell they claim the youngest has and they are requesting treatment for the baby which they certainly know he does not need. We went to Hematology appointment on 01/20/12 at which he was tested again and there was a follow up appointment for 02/28/12 which we cancelled along with a Urology for 04/15/12 after moving to another state when dad got a better job opportunity, also to obtain stable and better care for them. they both had circumcision done and Hamuel had a major surgery also for hernia with no complications. the apartment we live in since 2006, we always had water leakage on our boys bedroom was and the master bedroom. In January black mold stated growing on the wall where the leakage are, windows, around AC we reported it to management office before and now it got worst we reported it again still no answer so dad went to Dept of Public Health  to file a complaint, also we had a care coordinator from DPH who dad call to come and see the mold situation she never showed up or call. We went to stay in a hotel for almost two months until we found a new apartment, the old apartment was cleaned and workers hired to clean the place worn  musk on face and special cleaning uniform. They contaminated the whole apartment with mold, It was not safe to live and breathe air in that apartment. DPH lied to cover mold up, the apartment complex took us to court to pay for rent even though we are living in a hotel, refused to give us new apartment when they were away one of our boys was on oxygen, did air quality test lied about it and we paid for a private company to do it again in march,2011. It showed even more spices growing after they claim its cleaned so we should go back and live in the toxic apartment.

After two weeks in NJ mom called Social Security Administration on 02/21/12 and made a change of Address since both boys are on SSI they need their Medicaid for care, on 03/04/12 mom receive a call from Cherry Hill  SSA office stating they have receive a case file on the youngest in question so mom called Spoke to Miss Street who said she got a file that our boy who is not walking needs a medical review so she wants to verify my address and send the paper work. mom told her we will go to the office to get that taken care of which was 03/05/12. Immediately we got home the same day we receive a letter from MA were the SSI benefit started stating they have stopped his benefit because they need his Name, Address and Account verified which we Just went to Cherry hill office to do. His benefit was not reinstated, his brother has health insurance and his was cut off, the one who needs it the most doesn’t have it.

On 04/20/12 we got a visit at our apartment from DYFS of NJ for the second time, the first time they claim they were police officers claiming they had a report from a neighbor that there was a fight in our apartment, it was just mom and the babies at home at that time (11:50pm) and searched the whole apartment.

A case worker Dyan Blackwell accompanied by two (2) State Police Officers and another worker  at our door wants to talk to me, mom let them in answered all questions she asked and provided her with all the information she ask, after which she told me MA has sent us to court and now has custody of my youngest the reason being he “May have sickle cell disease” and are concern, we were never summons to court, no court hearing with a judge and all of a sudden they have custody on one child not the other with a court order signed by a Magistrate Clerk from MA after two months that we moved out of there, DYFS did no investigation except when the case worker came to our home on 04/20/12 to ask question on the complain they received and decided right there they will remove both children due to the order they received.  His Mandated newborn screen from MA shows he is AS not SC, so it was false from the beginning.

There were three test done with no explanation now he may have sickle cell is what the investigator said, they still can’t determine so she is asked to remove him out of his home along with his brother that they have no concerns about. Before they were taken our plan was to get the whole family retested. We made an appointment on 5/03/12 for the whole family to see a Hematologist to be tested. A case was filed in court for us to appear on 04/25/12 which we went, it was not completed so we had to go back on 05/01/12. We presented the appointment for the family to go see the Hematologist they declined to bring the babies to the appointment which was the main reason why they were take. When we moved to NJ with his insurance cancelled we made appointment for their two years well visit and paid out of pocket for him (child in question) to be take care on 04/11/12.

We had a supervised visit with the boys on 04/25/12, they were not properly cared for physically and not fed, the youngest was hungry cried for over an hour and a family friend who came with us run to get him food, at the beginning of the visit we asked them when they ate they claim he was just fed, also dirty we complained no one did nothing about it. We went to court the Judge ruled in DYFS favor even though we had appointment made for the whole family to be retested for hemoglobin it was thrown out which is the main bases of them removing the boys there was no  intimidate danger except the youngest maybe have sickle cell is what they are claiming.

On 05/07/12 we had another visit with our boys there was no physical injury and wanted to come home with me, @3:58pm that day, social worker called (Mom) that she wants to talk to her, she came to our home after 5pm she said a dog in the foster home were our boys have being placed napped the older one because he stumbles a lot and fell on the dog. At a family meeting we had with them on 05/04/12 to make thing better for us, we asked them if there were pet in the home they place our boys we never got an answer to that, we don’t have a pet in our home so they should have been placed in a pet free environment and on 05/11/12 visit with our boys there were scratches in their faces. Social workers explanation was they were playing outside and the older one fell on the little one that’s how they both got the scratches on their faces. 05/14/12 after visit with boys as we were living they cried historically not letting go of our hands, they wanted to come home with us. Our family have suffered a lot, extreme harassment by medical professionals and Social Services to cover up their mess they created for the twins, intentionally inflecting emotional distress, violated our rights, first, and fourth and fourteenth Amendment , etc. we need intervention and investigation immediately.  All documents from the division which they call it discovery fact finding, are absolutely fraud and illegal document and the child doesn’t even have what they claim he has which is the reason why he was removed.

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