Our twin boys were taken away from their loving home by (Department of Youth and Family Service of New Jersey (DYFS) claiming one of them May have “Sickle Cell Disease”(SC)!! was their reason, His Mandated newborn Screen shows he has the “Sickle Trait”(AS) which is not a disease, no investigation was done they just came and took them with illegal document from MA. Massachusetts DCF reported to them we cancelled a hematology appointment for the Sickle Cell disease that our son don’t have, so they have custody of him after we have moved out of the state 2months later is when they obtained custody because they were intentionally inflection emotional distress, intimidating us, extreme harassment on our family to cover up the doctors mess by finding a way to blame us, so we moved to another state to get them better care. They sent illegal documentation to DYFS of New Jersey claiming we fled MA so they were both wrongfully removed, with no imminent danger, never been abused and neglected, placed them in a foster home with two dogs there, we don’t have pets in our home and the dog attacked one of the boys. They are still keeping them in that home after the attack and the other child was sick he nearly dead from medication they dragging him with which he doesn’t need, and they told us he got Whooping cough. We took them to their two years well visit, paid out of pocket for the younger one that MA claim they have custody because they cancelled his health benefit to stop us from getting him better care and to discover the truth about why he is not walking. He was over a year old is when the Sickle Trait “AS” he has turned into a May have SC Disease which is unheard of.  We have never abuse our children and neglected, we intervene and advocate for them strongly to keep them alive and well. We gave birth to triplet in 2010 at Umass Memorial Hospital in MA, one passed away after 27days of life from NEC (food given to him in the hospital which caused bacteria and destroyed all his intestines), the second child (identical of the deceased) went through series of infection left him laying there for days before doctors paid attention to how critical his infection was, before then we had told them to transfer them to Boston Children Hospital and they refused to do that, so we had to refuse to visit them in that hospital until they were both transferred. They transferred on child and left the other laying there. He went through series of infections before they decided to transfer him too. By God’s Grace they came home after almost 4 months in the NICU, Boston Children Hospital also all of a sudden wants to do a cardiac Cauterization on him to check pressure which is not there according to a second opinion we went to seek. The third child’s leg was infiltrated before he was transferred to the Boston hospital. Now he is two years of age, he can’t walk, can’t sit for a long time, and no doctor in MA wants to talk about it or looking to diagnose him. All this happened in the hospital, they don’t want to accept their neglect and they have to find a way to blame us the parents instead for their mess, his infiltrated leg has paralyzed him waist down and they are blaming it on Cerebrally palsy, we move to find a doctor to look deep into why he is not walking, they terminated his health benefit SSI and stopped us from discovering the truth all because we want the best care for them.  OH also there was a mold situation, we were all exposed to black mold, we took them to emergency room to be tested, and again they neglected them, did not test them and came up with other diagnoses. There was only one pediatrician that took it upon himself to test them and treat the mold. We lived in a hotel with them until we got a new apartment, our old apartment place refused to give us a new one claiming they cleaned the mold and we should move back whiles one child was on oxygen. We reported it to Department of Public Health nothing was done about it; instead they covered it up for the apartment company. We hired a private mold tester after they claim it’s safe to move back in and the amount of mold growing was life threaten in the apartment. Oppression, Bully and no Justice, Our innocent children are suffering more.

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  1. michael stein said:

    We are a fee for service group who specializes in supporting lawyers in fighting for families affected by poor decisions by the division of youth and family services . Our partnership is proud to boast of just over 50 years of services to children and their families. my fourtner is a nationally boarded child and forensic psychologist. I am a retired DYFS administrator.
    we are currently awaiting final approval from the new jersey supreme court as providers of continuing legal education credits .

    we will consider special circumstances for deferred payment or reduced rates . you may reach me at 8563643396.

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