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Keep praying

Well Kevin and I have been though 3 case workers, not one who will return a call. Now our time is up we are going for our TPR hearing on the 18. Now please understand that the jugde say well over a year ago, that Jillian and Jevin were to be send home. The “F S T Team” just will not listen. When we do get to go to court( every 6 months or longer) it is visting jugdes. We live in Springfield Missouri. PLEASE have everyone you know PRAYING for the return of ore children.

Do you know what its  like to put a 4 year old and a 2 year old in a truck with the “foster family” as they cry and beg for not to make them go.  That is what Kevin and have to do every Sunday when we get to see Jillian and Jevin. All we can do is tell them that Jesus will keep them safe until they can come home.

Kevin and thank I you for all the prays. Jillian and Jevin are still locked away in a foster home, with people that have been spanking them. Our worker said she talked to them about it. My brother has beening trying now for 9 MONTHS to get our 2 babies with him.

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