Its taken a long time…. and it still continues…

27 09 2010

I have been involved with my CPS case for almost 4 years, now.  My son was three months old when CPS took him from me. The said that they took him because he was abused and neglected (whhich I recieved a letter saying that those charges were all unfounded and CPS still kept him). I was also in the middle of an ugly divorce with my son’s biological father and the paterneal relatives made allegations of neglect and abuse against me. (I have not EVER abused or neglected my son). My son’s father made me sound like I was a horrible person that would end up killing our son (which was NOT true).  It has taken me almost 4 years to get my son back and fight a system (along with paternal relatives). My case is almost closed, but this is one that should have NEVER been opened. It was interesting when this case went on and I found out when the first allegation came in….from the paternal side of course…. it was a neglect allegation when my sone was only 5 days old and we were both still in the hospital, recovering from medical isuues (physical not mental).

     I mean, really…. it started with a allegation because the family was unhappy that I filed for a divorce. They accussed me of things that weren’t true and they brought CPS into the picture, who also told them that they would get my son…. which they should have never have done.

   I do agree that CPS needs to be looked at and changed. I know that there are children ouyut there that NEED help, but with today’s society, we need to consider the real reasoning behind why this happens and to whom…its who you know and what you are capable of.

  I do not want to go further with details of my case until it is completely closed. But I wanted everyone out there to know that the system does have its issues and if you have not been hurt by it, then you won’t understand until you see it for yourself. Anyone’s child can be taken…it just takes a phone call from anyone. Everyone is a mandated reporter and they can report anything that they see or hear…. which CAN cause your child to be taken. So be careful and remember to not trust CPS.