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On December 15,2013 @ 12:02am our son Jaxson Abel Scott Crites was born. He weighed 6lbs 15oz and was 20in. A prefectly healthy beautiful baby boy.

Jaxson is my third child. But my fiances first. Heres a quick history lesson about me (Holly)

When i 17 i had My first child, a little girl. When she was two days shy of being a month old I took her to the hospital because she was very ill. Hospital workers in Az called cps because of her illness. Cps case closed as unsubstantiated.I wanted what was best for my Daughter, and i wanted her to have a life that i knew i could not give her. Being so young myself. So iOI gave up my rights to her so my mother could adopt her. i still see her


I found out i was pregnant with Jaxson April 26,2013. Three days after his fathers 28th birthday. I was 5weeks pregnant. My pregnancy went smoothly. Nothing wrong no issues. I was induced on december 14,2013 at 1pm. They gave me a pill to dilate me at 430pm. I went threw my labor all natural. NO PAIN MEDS, NO EPIDURAL. At 1130pm they broke my water and shortly after midnight Jaxsonwas here.

At 10pm on december 15,2013 while in the middle of breast feeding my son i had two woman from CPS show up in my hosptial room. They asked” do you know why we are here”? I told them because my name was put on the national registry, they said yes and because an outside call was made. They informed me that my fiance and i would be contacted by someone from CPS With in 24\48 hours.

At 9 am on December 16,2013 both my son and I were medically cleared to go home. In the process of getting ready to go home our nurse came in and told us that we could not leave with Jaxson until CPS cleared it. We waited and waited and waited. Well finally at 1pm I received at call by Ashley Minter (cps) telling me that “we would not be allowed to take our son home due to their investigation”. And told me that” they wanted a phone number of someone who could come get him. I gave them my mother in laws name and number. We were told that she would not be allowed to take him because I lived in the home. We then gave my mother in laws nieces name ( she is a foster mom) she was approved.

My fiances cousin came to  the hospital to  pick him up.

On December 18,2013 Ashley Minter showed at our home. She drug tested us. And told us that ” as long as our drug tests came back clean ( mine, Jaxson, and nicks) we would get our son home before Christmas. And went on to tell us that nick having PTSD ( from being a marine overseas in Iraq)  would not have a part to play in any of this case. We were up front about a D.V. charge between nick and i in 02/2013 and nick being on probation. She again told us it didn’t matter because he was not being investigated only I was. ( we believed everything she told us).

The monday before christmas i called Ashley Minter’s supervisor Pam Johnson to find out about drug tests ( i new we would all come back clean) but my main concern was to see when we would have our son home. I was then advised that we infact would not be getting our son back for christmas ( lie #1), that their investigation was far from done. So we went threw our sons first christmas alone and with out him home. On janurary 7,2014  we had this meeting called an FTM( family team meeting) i recorded this meeting, because i was lied to. Ashley Minter had told nick’s mom that she would be an “over seer”. That meeting was an ambush toward me from the word go. First thing out of Ashley Minter’s mouth was ” im filing a petition to terminate your rights, per our policies”  she told my family that in order to have my son home i needed to move out. That wasnt going to happen we wanted our day in court. We went to court on January 10,2014. The referee Bobak ordered that Jaxson be released to  nick & I.

A week later on 01/17/14 we went back to court And this is where things took a turn for the worst ( I believe). I was told that I was not allowed to be left alone with my son. That I needed 24hr supervision, more so i needed a “baby sitter” from 10 am until 2 pm. Those are the hours that my mother in law was at work. And when our lawyer Racine Miller asked about nick being left alone with Jaxson we were told neither was he. When we asked why,  referee Graves resopnse was ” because  nick has PTSD”. Our lawyer asked. ” so your telling me that you are going to go to every VET that has PTSD and remove their children too?” The referee  Graves answered back with ” maybe”. We then told Graves we wanted a judge. We went upstairs and seen judge Dingell. We felt that for argument sake agreed with the supervision. We were told that we would have our trial date set for 02/07/14.

We were prepared for trial that day, but we were informed last minute that we would not be having our trial that day because the attorny general David Law did not have paperwork he needed. And neither did CPS. We thought hmmmm how could Ashley Minter not have the paperwork they needed but could file a petition to terminate rights. Didn’t make sense. After court we found out that our trial date was set for 03/20/14 our lawyer Racine Miller told us that they illegally removed our son from us. ( they had not written court order).

After we had gotten home i did a little research online. And in fact they had removed Jaxson illegally. When they did so they were violating our 4th & 14th ammendment rights.

Well after we went to court we were also told that Ashley Minter had to do random spot checks to make sure I was not alone with Jaxson. What ever we delt with it. i spend mondays and wednesdaysat nicks grandmas house during those hours. And which Ashley Minter has not once ever shown up at grandmas house.and tuesdays thursdays and friedays i am at home with my lawyers oldest daughter Lyd.well it became a pissing contest with CPS. Ashley Minter started showing up with Someone else. She was told that she was not allowed to bring anyone who didn’t have anything to do with our case. She continued to bring people. Well on 02/20/14 I answered the door when she showed up, and again she brought someone with her. I again told that no one else was allowed at or in my house. I had my screen door locked. She pulled it open and came in. I then stated that I did not give her permission to come in. Ashley Minter then stated she was supposed to come in,well nick had just given Jaxson a bath. Nick then called her supervisor Pam Johnson she lied to nick and said that they always come in a pair. Nick told her that she has never come with anyone. That it had started after court on the 7th of February. Then the supervisor told nick the only reason she was coming with someone was because we recorded her with out her knowing and because she is a state worker and it was against the law. Which in fact it is not only if you partake in the conversation. Nick then told the supervisor Pam Johnson that if she felt threatened as she stated she did she needed to have a police escort. Which states in the Michigan field policy if they feel threatened they needed to have an escort. Nick quoted her own hand book to her and she shut up..

As of 02/25/14 we are far from this being over.I was called by a supervisor of Pam Johnson and told that they had filed a petition against me because of me denying them entry into my home.we go to court for that on 02/26/14. We also get to see the referee that ordered our son home to us.  At 9 am on the 26th of feburary i recieved a phone call from Ashley Minter telling me that court was cancelled for today because she needed to correct her petition, and to make sure every allegation was correct. I went on to tell her that according to the child protection law i did not need to allow them entry to my home, as well as my 4th consitutional right says that i do need need to allow them entry. I also made it very clear that as long as she kept bringing people with her she would not have access to my house. But what she fails to pay attention to is the fact that she stands in the door way at my house just to see me, lyd, and jaxson. She is never there longer then a minute. And every single time she shows up at my home it is still recorded. But my helpful hints to people who deal with CPS people or whom i like to call HERPIES. Look up and read your states cps rules, policies. Field policies and procedures. And DO NOT EVER LET THEM GIVE YOU A COURT APPOINTED ATTORNEY.  You have no clue whos in bed with who and pillow talk talks. and never let anyone in  your home without a court order or warrant. And do not let them bully you. Find our your rights before you go to court or fight them.

While we continued to deal with the hell from these people. As of April 2014 because they could not find me as an unfit mom or find that my son would be unsafe, our case was closed.

Please people be well aware of what you can and can not do. And please fight for your children.

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  1. Wow i had NO idea!!!!! I’ve heard a few things in passing but not too much. Hang in their and NEVER give up they cant legally terminate your rights just b/c they feel like it especially since you voluntarily gave up your other two. ALWAYS fight for your kids xoxo


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