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On Oct. 8th, 2014 CPS came to my home and took my three sons out of my care and gave them to a foster family due to allegations of neglect and drugs abuse. This was only a matter of days after my youngest Damien was born. My heart sank when this happened. I thought this couldn’t get any worse. Well It has since that date. They required us to work family services and we have(my fiance and I). I was required to go to parenting class(completed) drug and alcohol assessment(completed), psycho social(completed), individual counseling(ongoing) random drug tests(passed every one) and to have a stable home and income. WE HAVE DONE ALL OF IT! But our babies are not home yet. About a month and a half into this our oldest, Jakob, started showing signs of molestation. They said he needed to go to a forensic psychologist who deemed he was not however this was not good enough for CPS. They decided he would need to see someone else that was an ongoing thing. In this ongoing session they said it has been said my by son that I have molested him. Never was this even brought up till after he was with this foster parents who he calls mom and dad also and is claiming that his “mom” did these things. They are trying to take our children away and adopt them out. Since this has occurred Jakob has begun having nightmares and Liam (16 months) is suffering from night terrors. I feel like I am failing as a parent because I cannot protect my children. I am at a loss on what to do anymore. I currently have a court appointed attorney who I don’t think even cares about this case. I can’t afford another one and I am scared to death my children are in danger and I feel like I have failed them. I am a very private person I do not like sharing my troubles with the world but this has become so serious that I need help now. For those who know me know I would never do something like this. I used to work in St. Andrew Church as a Sunday school teacher! We are being targeted and now the state of Texas has failed to protect these three innocent young boys. I know this is a hard thing to read and believe but for one moment look at how many cases are out there of CPS taking people’s children without reasonable cause. How CPS thinks it is okay to take 10 children out of decent homes because 1 out of those 10 MIGHT be abused. They don’t take into consideration that taking children away from their parents might traumatize them. It needs to get out how absolutely wrong CPS and the State of Texas has become they are not protecting the most innocent of our society. They think just because foster parents become foster parents they are great people. There are as many good foster parents as there are bad. Now I am looking at charges for child molestation when I have done nothing! I know its hard to take someone’s word for it when you don’t know them and that so many want to believe CPS but take moment to look up how many families they have torn apart. How many children they have put in harms way. I need help now to protect my son’s Jakob(4), Liam(16 months) and Damien (5 months). I need to story everywhere people need to know their rights when it comes to CPS and they do not CPS lies about everything and take advantage of the innocent. PLEASE I am begging help us out to protect children.



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