Something Has To Be Done

In September 2012 my 4 grandchildren were removed from their mothers (my daughters) house and placed in the care of my other daughter by AZ CPS. the case worker offered no help for my daughter except an outpatient drug program, no counseling for her or the children, no family programs nothing. In November my mother passed away and between losing her children and then her grandmother my daughter began a road of destruction then in January she moved in with the paternal grandmother started attending NA meetings 4 times a week, parenting classes &  obtained employment with Walmart and began to get her life together so that she could be with her children. On February 3rd the caseworker came to the home of my daughter where the kids reside to have a meeting with both the mother & the Aunt, the paternal grandmother, my niece & myself. The daughter & the Aunt informed her that in the event the children were placed for adoption she wanted to keep them permanently instead of my niece & nephew adopting them & the caseworker asked what changed that made her decide that and they informed the caseworker that the mother had taken some of the financial burden away by providing diapers every week for the 3 yr old & the 8 month old. After we were done asking questions the caseworker told my niece that they would go outside and talk & a few minutes later my niece comes in the house and says “the caseworker said she knows my 2 daughters were lying about the mother providing diapers every week and that she did not appreciate being lied to however it was not a lie, for about 45 min to an hour after that my niece & the caseworker were out by the caseworkers car talking. The week following this meeting the caseworker went to the 8yr olds school pulled her from class & questioned her without anyone else present then to the 6 yr olds school to do the same but she never notified the mother nor the aunt about the outcome in fact the 2 children are the ones who informed us of the questioning. On Monday February 11th the caseworker telephones my niece to inform her there was going to be a placement meeting on Thursday the 14th at 10:30 could she attend, then on Tuesday she telephoned the mother to inform her & she was asked if she could please reschedule it due to the fact that the mother was attending orientation for her employment at Walmart & would not be able to attend on that date & time, then on Wednesday the 13th she tried tolephone the aunt who works in a Drs office & is unable to answer her phone at work so she tried to call the caseworker but did not get in touch with her however the caseworker had went to her home and put a not on her door informing her of the placement meeting the next morning knowing that she would not be able to attend. The paternal grandmother & I went for that meeting as well as my niece & the caseworker & another female came to the lobby door & informed us that they would be calling us back one at a time & I was first. They took me to this room and said that she had went & questioned the children at school and they had told her that I was allowing them to leave with their mother alone etc & I informed her that she was not telling the truth that didn’t happen, they also informed me that the meeting had been cancelled because they could not hold a meeting without the parent present therefore the children would not be moved. Then they walked me out & took the paternal grandmother to the back gave her the same information & she asked about the 8 yr olds bithday party that the aunt had planned for Sunday the 17th & was told the the aunt may have to cancel the party because the kide might not be in her care on Sunday. They brought her back to the lobby & called my niece to the back so while she was back there I sent her a test message telling her that the paternal grandmother & I were leaving to please call me as soon as she was done. Approx an hour later she called me to tell me that they had told her the children were being removed from the aunts care & being placed in foster care & that day the caseworker went to the daycare & picked up the 8 month old & that’s when we were informed because the daycare called the aunt to tell her that cps was there picking up the baby, then they went to the other daycare & picked up the 3 yr old then the schools to get the 6 & 8 yr olds still never calling the mother or the aunt to inform them. The caseworker split up the 4 children she placed the 2 oldest together and placed the 2 youngest elsewhere by themselves. Now it has been 15 days since she moved them & my daughter has talked to the 2 oldest every day she got to talk to the 3 yr old once and nobody will give her or any of us information about the 8 month old. Several meesages have been left for the caseworker & her supervisor by my daughter, myself & several other family members yet we still get no response, we did finally get in touch with their director who stated he would look into it and now she has told him that she has attempted to contact the mother several times. We have pulled all cell phone records showing all the calls made to her but we are getting nowhere with this & can’t find anyone that will help us.

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