My Fight with CPS

November 30, 2014

My Fight with CPS!

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Well my fight with CPS is not going very well. The CPS worker that took my children has only been working for 6 months and still lives with her mommy. (I personally think that they should have some life experience before they become social workers.) My little boy is 10 years old but he is like a 1 year old developmentally. They strap him down in a chair at school and let him sit at a table by himself. The only reason I send him to school is so that he can learn to play with other kids. I can teach him at home but his doctors say that he needs to be socialized. Anyway, He came home one day with a friction burn on his hip from school, where he was strapped in his chair and they didn’t change his diaper for 4 hours. The Deputy Sherriff and the CPS came to the door and said that I did it to him. They coerced my 6 year old daughter that doesn’t talk to strangers to say yes. They asked her if mommy drug her brother over and over and she finally gave into them. She cried when she seen the police officer and CPS in the drive way telling me all of this. The CPS worker put a Safety Plan in effect. I had to have some one stay in my house with me for 7 days. On the next day my little boy comes back from school with a awful bruise on his lower back that wasn’t there when he left for school. I tried to get ahold of the CPS worker (my mistake. Did not know she was out to sock it to me and get the school off the hook.) and couldn’t. So I called at 7:30 the next morning and at 1 o’clock she was at my door with another police officer and took my 3 year old and picked the other two up at school. It took them 2 months before they gave me visitations. My kids have only been in foster care for almost 3 months and have been moved 3 times already. They want to put my 10 year old special needs son in a state run facility, because there is no foster home equipped or trained to take care of him. Every visit I’ve had with him he’s had bruises on him and my CPS worker says that is not relevant to the case. I don’t see why not. That is one of the reasons you say that I’m unfit. My children have never spent the night away from me. My 3 year old don’t know me when I visit with her. and my 6 year old doesn’t call me mommy any more. At my first MDT meeting the CPS worker, the guardian ad lidem and my attorney told me that I needed to plead guilty to abusing my kids even though I didn’t and they wouldn’t terminate my parental rights. Then they would through me in jail and terminate my rights anyway. I’m at a loss. I don’t really know what to do but I’m better off representing myself then I am my dumb lawyer representing me. I’ve downloaded all my state laws and policies dealing with CPS and court and I know more of the laws then the CPS worker and my lawyer. Sorry if it seems like I am rambling, I just needed to vent somewhere. If you have any information that can help me let me know and if you need to know anything else let me know. Thank you all for taking the time to read all of my ranting’s.
Josephine Washington

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