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Please help us bring our boy home where he belongs and wants to be.

Subject: please help get our boy home. Read over and sign our petition.  Thank you!
Dear Everyone,
Link to our Petition Site:
We are trying to get our boy, who has Autism, back home to us where he
belongs and where he so badly wants to be. He is our entire life. We love and
miss him and he loves and misses us.
This is our story,
Our 14 year old son/nephew, who has Autism and is non-verbal, along with
many issues that go along with Autism, was taken away from his loving parents
and home for missing some school in the school year before last. It has now been
over a year that he has been stuck in a chaotic, loud, overly crowded,
understaffed, unloving group home when he should be with his mother and aunt. He
contracted a severe infection in both of his hands because the staff at the
group home neglected his hands to the point that it caused Cellulitis and he had
to be treated at the Children’s Hospital in Aurora, CO in the burn unit for over
a month. He had no uses of his hands, which are his lively hood, due to them
having to be wrapped in casts for 3-4 weeks and lots of burn center
appointments.  He has sensitive skin and it gets dry easily and we told the
group home staff, director, and house manager this many times and reminded them
to keep lotion on them etc. They did not and therefore he got infected cuts that
they did not treat which turned into the Cellulitis infection. A very serious
He has a perfectly safe, loving home to be in with loving parents. They do
not have a reason to keep him there. We have complied and completed every single
“service” and Treatment plan” they have asked us to complete. We have 100
percent in every part of our treatment plan goals. He tries to leave with us at
every visit we have had with him to go home with us. The magistrate and
caseworker has told us from the beginning, when they first took him, for missing
some school, that they want him home as soon as possible. The caseworker had him
in a back to home transition for six weeks and he was about to go to overnights
when the caseworker stopped it because she doesn’t understand Autism. Now that
she has been informed with the information she needed, she, nor the magistrate
will reinstate the transition or better yet just send him home. It has been 14
months now and we have missed out on over a year of his life. A very important
time also, which is him becoming a teenager. He is almost 14 now. He loves us
and misses us, we love him more than anything and miss him more than any words
could ever describe. He is and always has been our entire life. Please we ask
you to help bring our precious, sweet, loving, affectionate boy home to us where
he belongs. He does not belong in a group home or anywhere else but his own
loving home. He also has SID, Sensory Integration Disorder, which means being
around all of that noise and boys screaming and all the hectic chaos is not a
good nor beneficial environment for him. Now the caseworker and GAL want him on
an Anti psychotic drug, Risperdal, for the anxiety he has from having to live
They had him put on that drug without consulting with his mother about it.
Just another way they have violated parental rights. He doesn’t belong on that
kind of drug that has severe side effects that can be permanent. As long as he
has to stay there at the group home, his mother, Donna and my sister, wants him
on a less severe medicine specifically designed for anxiety. The caseworker and
GAL do not even know him or his needs and they are trying to keep him on it
against Donna’s parental rights and the constitution, which we though still
existed in this country.
Tammie Raatz, one of the heads at DDHS contacted me because I contacted the
mayor and he passed it to the Colorado Dept. of Human Services which in turn
went to the very place we need help with.  She told me that the neither the
Mayor, Governor, or any other government official has the power or authority to
over rule anything that DDHS does.
It’s very disturbing to hear that DDHS has the most power in this country,
even over the President.
Thank You so very much.
Donna and Denise Whisler
His Mother and Aunt


Looking out the group home window wanting to come home to us.

I am the co parent of a
boy with non verbal Autism. His long time pediatrician turned us in behind
our back to social services because we rescheduled an annual physical. She also
told them about us homeschooling him. This all started three years ago this
month. Since then, he has been court ordered to attend public school, which he
has been doing. We were court ordered a typical “service plan” that they give
all parents of children they take away. Try to say their crazy and need mental
health care so on and so on. It never ends with what they come up with to keep
the child away longer and longer.

We have jumped through all of their hoops and complied with every single court order and have gone
through two Guardian Ad Litems, the first one quit because he could not deal
with it and this is our second caseworker. The first one we had lied constantly
about us in all of her court reports and to everyone she talked to.
She stayed on our case
longer than she was legally by DDHS policy, supposed to just so she could take
our son away. Once she accomplished that, she quit her job to work for the Rocky
Mountain Children’s Law Center. Talk about a hypocrite. Her name
is Sarah Dambrov. Our current GAL, Marne Melun and caseworker, Annette ware, is
refusing to give our son back. He’s in a horrible group home, where he does not
belong, for over a year now because he missed some school in the year before
this last school year. He has a safe, loving, home to be in, but they want to
continue to warehouse him in a neglectful, loud, chaotic, broken down group
home. He has SID and now he has SIB due to that group home. There are boys there
who are screaming and screeching all day long and it bothers our child so bad
that he will scratch up his back. He does not belong there or in ANY other
foster care place. He loves and needs us and we love and need him. He shows us
every time we visit him at that crappy group home full of flies and germs. He
gets sick very easily and he has been sick the entire time he has been there.
They also neglected his hands which would get dry and crack and get infected. He has sensitive skin and
they have been told this over and over again. They ignored his hands even though
we told them about his hands and the infected cuts. He ended up getting
Cellulitis in both hands and had to be treated at the Children’s Hospital’s Burn
Center for 2 months and have his hands, which are everything to him, wrapped
completely in casts. He has suffered so much due to that group home being
neglectful, having no knowledge of Autism and their special needs, not having
enough staff on hand, on and on and on.

They of course took no responsibility for what they caused, whether it was caused purposely or not.
They are responsible for everything that happens to those boys who are supposed
to be in their care 24/7. They are all Line Of Sight

His front tooth has broken off and been fixed four different times since he has been in that group
home and yet no one knew what happened or how it happened. They also have safety
code violations galore in that home and if you tell anyone in authority, they
get revenge on you.

He has NEVER had any of those kinds of health problems or incidents when he lived at home with us. He
would get sick from being at school, that’s it. Now he is sick all the time from
living with 10 boys/men in that group home. I say men because they range in ages
from 10-21. He has to share a room with 3-4 other boys which is ridiculous. Also
because Sarah, the first caseworker court ordered him to have his own bedroom
when he was living here at home. Now look, and SHE did it.

The magistrate refuses
to agree that he should be brought home now. She always sides with “them”. The
evil ones.

Every time we try and get a new judge, GAL,
caseworker, lawyer, we are talked out of it, or simply told we can’t.
The latest is that the group home has kicked me, his other parent, out of the group home for telling a
screaming boy/man, 20 years old, to stop screaming and be quiet because he was
disturbing our child, causing him to scratch up his back and making it bleed.
They didn’t care that this other “boy” in this group home was screaming his guts
out and upsetting our boy.

An overkill, hasteful and petty reaction to something that they should have helped taken care of. The
assistant to the group home, Leah B., called the caseworker, the director,
and the police because a parent was frustrated that they weren’t doing anything
to help the situation. They didn’t care that our child was scratching up his
back and making it bleed because of this other 20 year old.
Playing favorites are they? We asked them to help over and over but they would not do anything to try to help. They refused to talk to me about the situation and my stress from my
child being upset and in pain because of this child/man.  All that group home
does is make up lies, always have from the beginning.

 We love our child and he loves us.
He missed some school one year, that’s it. They rip a child out of his loving home and away from his
loving parents for over a year for that??? That’s INSANE.

DDHS/CPS is evil

Bottom line.

They need to be stopped.

Why are they allowed to do what they do? Rip families apart? Devastate
and Destroy families and innocent children, especially special needs children
who have loving, safe homes to live in.

Three devastated souls because of DDHS Denver County.

Thank you.


No One on our case
knows anything about Autism and they will not learn even when they are told by
experts. They all refuse to listen.

Denise W.

Denver, CO



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CPS Horror in Denver, CO

CPS is the devil himself!!

Denver, CO Cps has been in our lives for two years now because of a pediatrician turning us in for homeschooling. Since then, our child, who has Autism and is non-verbal, has been court ordered to attend public school. He went to school all last year and we have jumped through all of their hoops for two long years now.
This year our boy has missed a lot of school due to illness, sleeping issues and lack of communication and cooperation from his school. The social worker who is totally unknowledgeable about Autism and all the behavioral, health, and sensory issues that go along with it, thinks we are just keeping him out of school on purpose even though we explain to her why he misses school. We even take him to the doctor when he’s sick and we get excuses.
Now, just recently, he has been court ordered to go to school no matter what, unless excused by a doctor, or else be taken away from us, his loving parents. Well, the day he was to go back to school after that court hearing, he came down with the croup, we kept him home and took him to the doctor’s. We got an excuse also. He stayed out of school a few more days because he was very sick, plus he has a very low immune system on top of it which makes it harder to get over illnesses. When he finally went back to school after being sick, he wasn’t completely well, we dropped him off with a professional therapist who is court ordered to help see him off to school from our home.
When the Para professionals, teacher’s aides, brought him to the car after school, he got into the car and as we were driving off we noticed a rip in his pants in the crotch area. We did not know how big the rip was until we got home and changed his underwear. The rip was a 6 inch gaping whole in the entire crotch area that was initially cut then torn by, we believe, someone at the school. There was no way our child did that himself and there was no playground equipment there, there’s no explanation for it. When we saw that, we immediately called the classroom to ask the teacher what happened. NO answer after we left three messages asking her to return our call. So, I emailed the superintendent and told them about it. I said I wanted to know what happened to the pants.
Again, no answer. I called my advocate to ask what we should do but could only leave her a message. She apparently got my message but instead of calling me back, she called social services. The next day social services called and wanted to get the police involved. We did not want to do that just yet but we had no choice at that point. Our child was examined by the crisis center’s doctor and everything was documented with pictures taken of some bruises on his thighs as well. He had to miss school that day too. We kept him home for two days after the incident because we were very worried about what happened and not having any explanation or answers made our anxiety go through the roof.
Little did we know that our caseworker would come over to our home to blame us for the incident and accuse us of causing it ourselves just so we could keep our son out of school. She believed the school when they eventually said that we sent him to school that way. We have a witness that he did not arrive to school that way but she did not care what we had to say about it.
Now her and the Guardian Ad Litem for our son is requesting removal of him and are asking for custody because she claims that we have made this whole thing up to avoid sending him to school, even though we have since sent him back even during this investigation that’s going on because of the pants incident. All the while being worried sick and having lots of feedback from rational people/parents of special needs children telling us that we did the right thing to tell someone and we should be demanding answers and keeping him out until we get them. Our caseworker is claiming we are using this as just another issue with that school and an excuse to not send him. She is also saying that we are mentally unstable using this school incident as an excuse to keep him at home.
We are not even keeping him home from school, because of their constant threats. We have even just added additional speech and OT therapies to his agenda outside of the school setting and he is going to summer school. She has been on case for two years now and we sent him to school all last year. He has always gotten services throughout his life since his diagnosis such as speech, OT, feeding clinic, Day Treatment at the Children’s Hospital for his sleep and feeding issues. None of anything we do or have done matters to this rotten evil caseworker and GAL. This Guardian Ad Litem, who is totally new to our case, is stating she believes that we are incapable of getting him the services that he needs. She doen’t even know who we are.
But we have been all these years. She is crazy. She is just making up things that make no sense whatsoever just to go along with the caseworker.
This is a travesty.
I want the whole world to know how evil CPS and social services is. They will stop at nothing and use ANY made up excuse possible to completely destroy children, their families and lives period.
Not only that but they get big fat bonuses (thousands of dollars) to take special needs children away.

This is as outrageous as anything can ever get.

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