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My worst nightmare became a reality starting April 29, 2011.  We were already somewhat involved with CPS bc of the school calling it on us when my son fell and as a result went to school with a bruise on his back.  They took my son for a day after that and gave him back.  Well, on April 29, 2012 it seemed like a normal day at first until that afternoon.  A strange car pulled up, saw my husband and told him that someone had called them (CPS) on him allegedly molesting our son and having child pornography!  My then-boyfriend (now husband) came to me and told me what the guy said, and I was in COMPLETE disbelief.  I KNEW my husband was innocent and I immediately reached for my son and held him, bc I knew what was coming next.  We stay with family and at the time more family was staying with us.  We later found out family is what started all this.  My husband’s statutory rapist cousin (he was convicted and is on probation still) who’s never seen myself or my kids, called DFCS bc his mother was staying with us and lost an argument with us.  So, it was all based on revenge.  My son is a special needs child.  He has ADHD (possible Autism), and at the time had severe attachment issues.  He also has the worst speech delay his speech therapist has ever seen.  ADHD runs in his dad’s side of the family.  Well anyway, back on track – I asked my now-husband’s cousin if they would come out after 5 o’clock and take my son, bc it was getting that late.  She said it was doubtful, but she knew what was coming bc it had all been planned.  She paced around nervously and we did not think anything of it at the time, but knew afterwards she was responsible.  She was supposed to have gone to a friend’s house a couple hours prior, but she hadn’t shown up yet.  It was around 6-7 PM when CPS came out.  I immediately took my son and went into my bedroom with him, praying to a God I don’t even believe in that my then-boyfriend-now-husband would convince them NOT to take our baby boy.  They wanted my son to come out on the porch so they could see if he was okay.  I let him out on the porch while I stood in the doorway and he walked around and played and acted like he normally does.  I asked him to stay on/around the porch while I watched from the doorway.  Sadly, after he would not let them in the house for about an hr.  the cops and CPS (they came out with a couple county cops) told them they were going to take him and the cousin came back into the bedroom where I was keeping my son some of the time and told me.  I immediately dropped to the floor and started bawling.  She told me she would help me pack him a bag bc they were going to take him.  I asked her who called them?  I asked if it was maybe an Uncle and she said she didn’t know, when in reality she knew it was her SON.  She helped me pack him a bag and I had to tell my then-only child goodbye.  I didn’t know when, or if, I’d ever see him again.  My husband was told he had to let them take him or the Cops would throw him in jail.  They had no search warrant, just a supposed-shelter care warrant (which I don’t even think exists?).  We had no idea where they were taking him, but one or two of the CPS workers stayed behind for like an HOUR or more after they left to make sure we weren’t going to FOLLOW THEM.  They stood across the road and stared at us, stalking us.  When the cops were about to take our son, he wanted to run to his Dad bc he didn’t want to go, and one of the cops put his knee in my son’s chest to keep him from getting to his Daddy.  All I could do was tell my son I was sorry and that I loved him, bc I didn’t know when or if I’d ever see him again.  After they put him in the car and drove off I started bawling again.  I walked back to the bedroom for a minute or two then went to the front door and stared out it as they drove off with my little boy.  Did I mention I was pregnant at the time, due that September with my daughter??  The cousin who was staying with us, after a little bit, eventually went off for the weekend with her friend.  The WHOLE weekend, if not longer.  We found out her son was the one who called and she was the reason and she was thrown out, and we haven’t seen her since, thankfully.  There is MUCH more to my story, but this is just the beginning of the nightmare that is continuing today.  I will write more later on.  If anyone can help me or my family, please contact me.  I will say that my husband was never charged with anything, bc they knew it was false.  There was never any type of apology given, but they still have my son, and took my daughter about 8 hrs. after her birth, right out of the hospital, when I’d only held her maybe 2 or 3 times.  I will go into that more later.  I really hope someone will read this who can help my family and my 2 beautiful children.  I would be forever grateful.  I know I haven’t been the best mother, but my kids and I don’t deserve this.  I just want my babies home and to be left ALONE BY CPS FOR GOOD.  I am desperate for help.  I live in Athens, GA.