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15 01 2011

Hello world…this is my first blog EVER….I’ve never felt such passion before on topics even though I’ve been a fighter my whole life…but…when it comes to my grandchildren…I feel I could/would  fight the world.  My story is a long and confusing one..but..the bottom line is I love my grandchildren deeply..and will do EVERYTHING in my power to remain in their lives.

My story follows:

A Grandmother with her new born Granddaughter

My son, has not been in the greatest situations, and based on his poor decisions, he has accumulated a terrible criminal record that includes Resisting Arrest, Assaults againt Officers and Domestic Violence charges…I’ve repeatedly searched out sources to help us, and him with his mental illness and substance abuse problems.

I do not diminish nor condone the bad things he has done in the past, but I will fight to the death when he is falsely accused of crimes, and I’m 100% certain he did not commit.  Bear with me here, this is where is gets confusing.

My son has a child, his first child…with a girl I’ll call Becky. Becky began having children at 16…the first child she had…she lost custody of to the father..for neglect issues.  She had another child at 18, and lost custody of that child to the second father..for abuse issues…It was at that time my son started dating her…she soon became pregnant with my grandchild…and the trouble has been going on ever since.

Upon my grandchilds birth..I had main custody of him…but not legally…the mother was then 20..and wanted to hang out..my son was 21 and still involved in alcohol which resulted in his criminal charges….but..I raised my grandchild the first 11 months of his life….and then had him a minimum of 4 days a week for the next 1 1/2 yrs of his life.  I always maintained contact with the county CPS office..as when he wasnt with me, I was concerned for his care.

The mom then got pregnant with child 4, with a 4th father…and she started limiting our time with my grandchild to every other weekend…things went ok..even tho the concern for his care was prevalent….but we struggled thru as long as we could see him..and be a part of his life.  In 2009, my son, again in trouble..had to serve time in bootcamp…by then, he had met another woman..and she was expecting his 2nd child….while he was in bootcamp, “Becky” had her 4th child…and was going to college…and I was gettin my grandchild on weekends…one weekend was close to ending, a Sunday, and I recieved a call from the maternal grandmother that “Becky” was unable to meet me to pick up my grandson from my visit with him…she had instructed me to drop him off with Becky’s current boyfriend…who was a juvenile…with a record….I refused and informed them that once Becky was able to meet me.

I would…..Having a bad feeling about the situation, I called the local jails..and discovered Becky was incarcerated…so..I kept my grandson…while at work the next day..the maternal grandmother showed up and removed my grandson from my mom who was providing day care for me….after several conversations of me letting the maternal grandmother know I knew Becky was in jail..she brought my grandchild back to me…once she brought him back…I discovered bruising in his ear, that he said his mom’s boyfriend caused, and a horrible skin condition….which Watervliet Hospital said was a fungus infection, due to untreated Ring worm..it covered his entire body….I immediately took him to the hospital..where they called the county’s CPS authorities..after interviewing my grandson, his condition, and the mothers and fathers records…

CPS told me to retain custody of my grandchild..and they would file the paperwork in court the next business day….I took my grandchild home……..the next day..the maternal grandmother, Cass County (MI) CPS workers and the Sheriff showed up at my moms, to get him in the care of the maternal grandmother…It was at that point..they (CPS) informed me they had been working with “Becky” for almost a year…regarding her newest child..and that they “knew” the maternal grandmother..they had jurisdiction because of the current case they had with “becky” and forced me to give my grandson over to the maternal grandmother.  And this is when the hardest battle began.

I maintained contact with Cass Cnty CPS…amazed that a mother..of 4 children,,,2 she had previously lost custody of…could have open CPS cases against her (the newest child’s leg had been broken)…and they would not place my grandson with me.  They kept saying I should file for guardianship (which was thru a different county) but that they could not facilitate a visit for me to see my grandchild.

“Becky” would occasionally let my mother get my grandchild…but…she continued to fight with my son and myself.  By this time, my son was released from bootcamp…and he and the current girlfriend had their first child…my son then again resumed his reasonable rights of visitation, and NEVER received any contact from Cass County CPS regarding the current open CPS case regarding “Becky”…so..we kept gettin my grandchild as often as she would allow..which was diminishing..due to my care/concern that he wasnt being cared for properly.  In hindsight..I now know “Becky’s” then CPS worker, was informing her of every phone call..every conversation I had with her, thus inciting the anger Becky had against me.

My son then, got in trouble again, Domestic Violence against his 2nd childs mother, while she was pregnant……and once he saw the harm he caused…he tried to commit suicide.  My son recovered, accepted the sentence of his criminal activities,,,and began recovery….”Becky” then, apparently, had ANOTHER CPS case open against her..and then decided to divert attention from herself..onto my son..an easy target due to his record.   Becky showed up unannounced, and decided to end my sons reasonable rights visitation that weekend, on my son’s birthday…she decided, on her own..she didnt want my son having their child, around my son’s current girlfriend.  Becky…at this time, was pregnant with her 5th child, with father #5.

She caused a scene..and then…had her current boyfriend call the police, stating my son assaulted her.  With my son’s record..he was immediately arrested….as he was on probation for his previous DV charge.  I began calling CPS daily..and found out..yet ANOTHER CPS case was open…and I expressed my concern to CPS as to why “Becky” was allowed to continue having children in the situation she provides…and I was told…I am a “non-issue” and not important.  Once my son was incarcerated, Becky took out a restraining order against my son…and then took out a second one for my grandchild….my son began fighting the restraining order….was told in court, that matter had to go thru the FOC county court where paternity was established…with that proceeding going on.

Cass County’s Judge Dobrich…instructed “Becky” to meet with myself and/or my mother…so that we could see and maintain the visits with my grandson…..she refused…and our legal battle begins…my son was then accused of harming his 3rd child… (he had 2 children with his then current girlfriend) and was charged with child abuse…my son is currently in jail on a bond revocation, facing a trial for DV against Becky..and another trial regarding Child Abuse…..Becky will no longer let us see my grandchild …..AT ALL…and we have retained an attorney to , at a minimum, gain visitation, in lieu of my son’s reasonable rights of visitation….until he is no longer incarcerated….

Let me add….the abuse they have charged him with..is ridiculous….(my son has since taken..and successfully passed…a lie detector test…he did not harm his child!!!!)  those two grandchildren have been removed from the mother..and placed with HER mother….as a temporary placement setting…Cass County CPS AGAIN..will not facilitate me visiting my grandchildren….AT ALL…and despise my son based on his previous record.

After many many discussions/arguments/confrontations I’ve had with several different Cass County CPS workers…I became convinced they do not act in the same capacity as other Social Workers I’ve had the pleasure of working with…so I began investigating…..  The State of Michigan employment manual gives Social Worker requirements, those requirements include a Bachelor level license….after further research..I have discovered 3 of the 4 workers I investigated…HAVE NO LICENSE…..2 have no record of social work licensure and 1 has a licensed that lapsed in April 2009…….CONTRARY TO THE STATE REQUIREMENTS.

Bottom line…Cass County Michigan has experienced an increase of 60% the past five years, of child removal/prosecution cases………..could it be that they are uneducated…???????????  I’m thinking that is the primary problem.  That…and racism….I may add…my son is biracial….the mothers of his children are caucasian.  Cass County has pressed charges against my son for abuse….however…they’ve NEVER pressed criminal charges against the mother of my oldest grandchild….even after she had lost custody of 2 children previously…and has had AT LEAST 2 active CPS cases regarding abuse/neglect of the children she has in her custody……Cass County CPS states that “Becky” is working with them…….complying with what they ask of her….they are willing to work with her..but not my  son….who has NO history of child abuse/neglect issues….

As I said…it’s a long messy confusing situation..and I’d like to have his group as a support group to share our stories and be a support for others who are experiencing problems with Michigan’s Child Protection Workers…..especially in Cass County Michigan.

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