Arizona Mom Needs Attorney

Hi. I need help. I was hoping that you would have some reputable attorneys who fight cps in the Phoenix Arizona area? It’s been a year since I have seen my little boy who will be 7 years old next month. CPS took him away from me on July 4, 2009. For a year in […]

Fighting Court Bias

Six years ago, I was a recently divorced single mom. I was struggling and turned to my mother for help. I was offered a job out of state and had asked my mother to care for my children long enough for me to be able to find a home where the job was. I signed […]

Visitation Questionnaire

We are a foster family that is frustrated with DHS regarding visitation and we are considering offering to supervise visits to make it easier. The mom made some mistakes regarding visitation at the beginning of the case, but seems to be doing better. It is so difficult to get visitation scheduled with DHS supervising that […]

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