Fresno CPS Steals Children

I’m writing this on behalf of Ms. Coleman. She’s just devastated because of what’s happening. We now have information that the CPS worker had keys to Caroll’s property in Paso Robles and the public defender that Caroll was assigned has been making nothing but excuses and canceling all the appointment’s that Caroll has made. Ms. Coleman […]

CPS Worker Brings Lawsuit

Ex West Virginia caseworker calls for system reform. Hello, My name is Elise Stewart I use to be a CPS worker and then Supervisor in West Virginia. Since leaving the West Virginia Department of Health & Human Resources (WVDHHR) several years ago, I have had a couple experiences with them that I am currently suing […]

Wrongfully taken in LA

My 2 children were removed from my custody 7-years ago, over 45 false allegations were made that were not my fault. I have never had an opportunity to defend myself in court and they have never heard my side of the allegations. I was given a public defender that never did her job. The public […]

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