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HI: Abandoned Infant?

August 19, 2014 in DHS, False Allegations, family court, Hawaii

I have proof they stole my baby then filed my baby as an abandoned infant at hospital. I have uncovered the details and just realized the full-scale horror and seriousness of their intervention. I can’t do this alone. We’re a secure couple, no past history or anything, great backgrounds and they took her at 2 days old. What do I do to overturn this hidden filing?

Sleeping baby

CPS illegally took our baby, complete with forged documents. We found proof that they counterfeited papers and my discharge papers were also faked. They say I left the hospital pregnant. I now realize they filed with the court, stealing my baby in secret — as an abandoned infant, to try to acquire secret custody within only a few days.

I need to end this before she goes missing. After she is temporary placed they can attempt to fabricate lies to keep me from her.

I am now filing criminal charges and reporting it to everyone I can. I would like the signatures (see petition) to take to the courthouse to demand the secret court hearing be voided. They have falsely accused me of ABANDONING INFANT at the HOSPITAL after they stole her! The doctors acted in collusion with the fabricated counterfeit doctor files, etc.

I want to bring this to light and need your help and support.

Please sign my petition so I can take this down to the courthouse and protest. I will announce that our baby newborn called the Lange baby in the maternity ward was recorded to be born 7/23/2014 by Cody Walker and Uttara Lange.

They stole both our birth certificate filings we made and now she has no name. They use her alias names for the secret court hearings. Of course, even though it is my child, I receive no notice of the hearings.

They will secretly record the custody and then charge us with abandoning our child and we will be de facto criminals and have to go to trial and I fear we will never see our baby again. This is serious and I think I only have days left.

Big Medicine and the Family Courts

November 20, 2011 in family court, family rights, justice, Maryland, medication

If you are dealing with the medical community and the family courts, this book is a must read. Readers describe the book as interesting, tragic, funny, compelling, amazing, and more. If you think you have problems, please know that you are not alone.

The Good, The Bad, and The Crazy:
(No One’s Ever Called Me Boring)

The Book Big Medicine And Family Court Does NOT Want You Reading

The Good, the Bad, and the CRAZY: (No One's Ever Called Me Boring)The Good, The Bad, and The Crazy: No One’s Ever Called Me Boring (Duke, M.D. Literary Enterprises, L.L.C.) by Mary Ann Duke, M.D., is the true story of a modern-day Joan of Arc who survived being burned at the stake by the male-dominated medical and judicial systems, and now dares to tell the unrevealed truth.

Mary Ann Duke was the epitome of a success story. She graduated from medical school at age twenty-three and became a board-certified ophthalmologist by age thirty. Her private practice in the prestigious suburb of Potomac, Maryland had a patient list that read like a Who’s Who of the Washington Metropolitan Social Register. Dr. Duke was granted privileges at the renowned John Hopkins’ Wilmer Eye Institute. Happily married, she lived in a gorgeous home with her husband and their three beautiful children.

That is, until the day she found her husband and best friend together and her perfect world exploded, sinking her into a pit of despair. This was the beginning of the end for Mary Ann Duke; the God-fearing, small town girl from upstate New York. She began drinking to ease her pain, and the alcohol, along with an untreated bipolar disorder, soon cost her everything…

The Good, The Bad, and The Crazy is packed with life lessons that come together in a mixture of spirit and guts, new-found wisdom and touching sorrow. This writer’s sharp wit and glorious sense of humor (especially when she describes being in jail with an alleged killer) makes her book a page-turner that is impossible to put down!

The Good, The Bad, and The Crazy not only chronicles the myriad challenges and prejudices a brilliant, young female doctor faces from both the medical and legal systems, but it also tells the very personal and moving story of her downward spiral into alcoholism; her private war with bipolar disorder; her fight for custody of her children, and the pain of incarceration. Yet the sheer determination and perseverance of this writer incites readers to cheer for her tenacious spirit that has proven no matter what the odds – she will never give up.

Dr. Mary Ann Duke’s electrifying book challenges the status quo and shamelessly avenges her honor. It is a story of social protest that will be read and revered for generations to come. The final pages of The Good, The Bad, and The Crazy are scanned medical and legal documents that prove the truth of her writing.

The Amazon description calls the book a blockbuster…

A blockbuster in the secret world of sexual discrimination. “The Good, The Bad, and THE CRAZY” is a riveting true story of a young woman trying to fulfill her childhood dreams of career and family, to be repeatedly gunned down by the medical and judicial systems. The author candidly writes of her joys and successes and also her divorce, despair into alcoholism, custody wars and even jail time, with guts and humor.

Dr. Mary Ann Duke’s perseverance is an inspiration to any one who has faced adversity or prejudice, and her amazing story is proven in a unique “Documentation” section.

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Threats, Lies and Trickery

June 21, 2011 in Child Protective Services, Washington

I received this email recently from a Washington state mother that I just had to share with you. This isn’t just an article that someone wrote off the top of their head. This is a parent, who battled and won her fight against the giant CPS machine that gobbles up families for breakfast. Her courage and fortitude should be an inspiration to us all.


Children Walking on Trail

Threats, Lies and Trickery

I hate reliving that nightmare and was threatened by my own joke-of-a-lawyer that IF I ever got my child back (I never let myself doubt for a second that I wouldn’t) that I should leave the state and keep a low profile. Being the defiant one that I am, I laughed and said there was no way that I’d run and hide from anyone.

Instead, I got angry and decided I’d be even more vocal and obvious, even after I got my child home. I took her (and still do on occasion) to court hearings for other families, (this really upsets CPS workers because I am shoving it in all their faces — all their lies and bullying, right back on them and they know it). I took part in rally protests outside our courthouses, at the juvenile court and CPS buildings — my daughter even held up signs with us.

CPS preys on the weak and helpless – they rely on being able to terrorize and manipulate and coerce you, so they select their victims carefully. They have a little checklist that they go through when they get any kind of referrals etc., and if the parents have a steady income they are usually rejected right off the bat!

If parents have a strong family support system in place, they again are normally rejected. This ‘checklist’ has nothing to do with the child’s safety at all, it is about MONEY.

I have been taking college classes that include child abuse and neglect (they can’t flunk you for stating your opinion). I am sure the teacher was glad to get me out of that class. I was shocked to learn some of the things I did.  If you have the time and the ability, take the class at your local college, just to check it out.  Believe me, you will learn how they can pressure schools and medical staff, etc. to make reports for things that are just total bull, and why these people go along with it.

You will learn how to help the people you are advocating for as well, if you can’t, try to get someone in your group to attend. It really is worth it to learn that stuff. You don’t have to let them know a damn thing, it is a college class that is offered to anyone for any reason.

I wish I could make promises to parents that if they did this and this, then things would be all good in the end. I can’t.

I fought damn hard but I know that without faith and prayer my fight would have been lost. I refused to bow down to them. I researched and learned everything possible. I didn’t give up, even when I felt hopeless, (that’s when I pulled out my daughters pictures and focused on WHY I couldn’t just give up).

I glued her picture to all my case folders and had her face before me at all times. I put it in front of the caseworkers, attorneys and legislators too. It made her REAL to them. I never let them think of her as a court document number (that made many very uncomfortable, which is a GOOD thing).

Another very important thing is that I DID NOT give them any bullets to shoot me with. I stayed away from places that could be used against me – bars, areas known for drugs or partying etc… I stayed away from anything that could in anyway be turned against me later. They made up many lies, since they could not find anything to use against me, but I documented everything and had many witnesses to back me up, so in the end they only screwed themselves by doing that.


It may take time and many parents will sign documents due to their belief in CPS’s lies, promising to help get their kids back quicker.

Never sign anything without your attorney
explaining the possible outcome  — Never Ever!

I don’t care what CPS says, they have ulterior motives on everything and UNLESS the judge tells you or your attorney says you HAVE to, don’t do it. CPS will try to say that you are required to, or you are out of compliance — that is one of their lies they use to force parents to sign away their rights. Don’t sign anything, not for any reason.

This is SOOOO IMPORTANT.  SO SO SO SO IMPORTANT. Once you put your signature to paper you give up rights and I promise this – those rights aren’t given back. CPS will push hard and the harder they push the more you can bet that they are trying to pull some underhanded B.S. on you that will come back to bite you later. That is a red flag for anyone, if they are pushing hard and if they get forceful or start making promises then you know that they are up to something bad.

In addition, parents who believe that if they just agree and go along then CPS will help them are sadly in denial and will be in much pain later. Moreover, there is NO RECOURSE after the fact. Unless you file complaints when the problem is happening or right afterwards, then you will be seen as an angry parent that is just looking to blame someone else for your own screw up.

This takes courage for sure, but believe me, waiting until you absolutely can’t deny the lies any more is too late.

I don’t care how nice the worker seems or how sincere and helpful she/he might portray themselves to be, it is an act to get you to willingly let yourself be screwed. No better then how the Jews were willingly herded to the camps – at least that is how many compare the two.


Don’t be a out-of-control maniac either because that is just as harmful.  Learn to be in control of your emotions, don’t allow them to know your afraid or worried or anything… even if you must pretend, always come off with an attitude of strength and determination.


If you don’t know how to respond to something then DON’T RESPOND. I went to a required parenting class and listened to some parents just unburden themselves, thinking they were safe to vent in that group. I discovered quite by accident that one of the “parents” was actually a CPS worker, posing as a parent, to spy on another workers clients and reporting back everything she heard! I KNOW THIS FOR A FACT.

That ‘fake parent’ also attends AA and other twelve step “anonymous” meetings for the same reason. They are corrupt as hell and unfortunately naive parents that don’t know their rights become their best victims.

It makes me sick to my stomach what they do, that is why I refused to run and hide. I know that my ‘streak of defiance’ (since a child and my survival mechanism growing up) helped me but some parents don’t have that in them, and so for them I allow my case to be used at Senate hearing still and why I am okay with you posting my stuff (minus personal identifying words). I hope others can grow and learn. I am sorry that I can’t do more. I had to stop testifying myself because it was so painful to keep reliving things over and over and never allowing myself to heal, which hurt my daughter too.

My prayers are with those parents fighting for their children and those, like you, who help them. I know the pain they are going through. I hope they find the strength to fight. It is a fight for sure, especially if your children are “highly adoptable” because they bring in more money.

Sick huh? I mean, they gotta have them fancy phones ya know!! It’s much more important then actually helping a family in crisis don’t ya think? What a crock of crap!

CPS is an organized criminal enterprise, kidnapping children for human trafficking purposes with government funding! The great thing is most of them are so arrogant that they really do screw up on a daily basis and their lies can be brought to light, if people would document and question everything more.

They love to interrogate you, but boy watch them squirm when you turn the tables around. I think one of the funniest things is how they always want to force background checks on any and everyone a parent might have in their lives ‘for the safety of the child’.

Well, I turned that around on them and said “OK, then I want a background check done on you, and you and you,” and pointed to everyone in the room (which was about 12 various officials, of some sort or another). WOW, did they get their backs up fast. Lets just say that I never once had to have ANYONE I knew get a background check done! Background checks are an illegal attempt to force others to allow them into their lives in search for more victims, and I wasn’t willing to be the avenue to let it happen.

I pray that you are able to reach out and help others. You should check out Washington Families United if you haven’t already. They have really made some huge impacts at the state level that have made such incredible differences for families in our state. I think that the stronger our networks are, the more powerful our fight against CPS abuse/corruption on every level.

Oh, another hilarious tactic that has a huge impact on CPS agents, is to get some dirt on at least one CPS worker (we had a Private Investigator do work on the worse workers we knew – three to start with) and then send a copy of the information to everyone of the CPS email addresses you have, at the same time throughout the state!  OMG does it cause up some chaos. The info doesn’t have to be more then a poor driving record and a bad credit report, but it still gets them upset – those who didn’t get investigated now are worried they are next!  It is really quite comical.

I know that each time I found even the littlest information that brought the “BIG SCARY MONSTER” back down to realistic size, my fears became silly and I felt stronger and more capable then ever.

I hate that it took a year to get my girl home and that she suffered during that time, but I know that my case made a difference for many families and that is something I am very thankful for. Parents need to be strong, to believe in themselves (and their ability to learn and grow no matter what), and to know that their child needs THEM – not some stranger but THEM AND ONLY THEM.

I have heard some parents say that their kids were better off without them; I think that is not true at all, and would only believe that if the parent were abusive and failed to protect the child from abuse.

I struggled to believe in myself as a parent, and found tons of things that could be seen, as reasons I was not the best mom. I hate to cook, I suck at it in fact and many times, I thought that it was reason enough to prove my failure as a mom.

However, my grown sons reminded me that even though I didn’t cook, I NEVER let them go hungry or eat crap. I managed to be sure they ate good and healthy for the most part. Stuff like that can really be damaging to parents who already feel alone, worthless, and powerless. It is so important NOT to give into those lies. Children are never better off with someone else (unless they were given up for adoption at birth and never knew their natural parents anyway). They need their family, their real family.

Did you know that children are 9 times more likely to be abused in foster care than with biological family? That scares the crap out of me. My daughter never once had known abuse or neglect until she was placed in foster care and I HATE them for that. I was denied the ability to comfort and protect my child, by the same people who claimed to have taken her for her own protection! Yeah right!

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No Where To Turn

April 13, 2010 in Adoption, Child Protective Services, foster care

Most states have safe haven laws on the books, permitting a new parent to drop off an infant at a local fire department or hospital without repercussions. This is a laudable service that I am certain has had a positive impact on more than one infants life over the years.

What I cannot for the life of me understand is why more services are not available for older children. Are infants more deserving of our help? Are they more valuable to society?

We spent billions of dollars each year on foster care “services” paying strangers, who have been licensed by the state (Which should mean the state is responsible for their actions but doesn’t always.) to care for children placed in their care by other strangers, who really do not have a clue what that child needs. However, does that really matter?

Apparently not, because it happens every day.

I am not denying that not every mother or father is a good one, drugs can mess up a family in a hurry, turning an otherwise okie dokie parent, into a total loser and often, worse. Nevertheless, that is another story.

I know one mother personally; she is what I like to call a yeller. She is not abusive, she loves her child but she yells so much that the kids cannot hear a word she says. The son started smoking marijuana around the age of 13. He refused to observe his curfew, refused to attend school and to make matters worse the police were not any help at all.

She tried to find help. This mother-spent weeks calling around, trying to find some kind of help for her son and her family. She heard the same story repeatedly; her husband made too much money to qualify for any help and they did not make enough money to afford the help he needed. She was beside herself trying to figure out what she was going to do.

This is true of many families – especially in today’s economic crisis. Money problems bring on stress related illnesses; add a job loss or a medical emergency and the stress levels only escalate. Many individuals are not equipped to handle these kinds of stress levels. The may turn to illegal drug use, alcohol, marijuana, and even prescription painkillers for relief. Prescription pain medication can become the drug of choice, simply because state medical benefits cover doctors’ visits and pain medication. Prescription pain medications are easy to get and can often be obtained at no cost to the patient.

Drug use leads to illegal activity because – well, money was already short – now there simply isn’t any money left. Those hooked will even sell their food stamps, putting the children in crisis too.

What we see is a general spiral downward, each bad decision leads to another, creating a crisis situation that even the most skilled individual would struggle to find a solution to. Removing the child is rarely the best solution, foster care, and adoption are not the answer and I’ll tell you why. It is the rare exception to the rule, when an adopted child assimilates into their new surroundings. Many adoptees spend years searching for their “real parents’ and even if they find them, they are often ill-prepared to deal with reality.

My stepson was adopted by his natural mom’s second husband, he was only 18-months old at the time. His adopted father was the only father he had ever known, yet, he never felt like he belonged with our family, so we sent him to live with his natural mother. He did not do well there either. Today this boy is over 30 and still searching for his natural father.

My late husband was adopted as a child; he spent years searching for his natural parents. When he found them, he was not prepared to deal with what he found. Not only were his adoptive parents alcoholics, but so were his natural parents. He had nine brothers and sisters by six different fathers and none of them were what you would call law-abiding citizens.

I have several other individuals in my close family who have been adopted and not one of them grew up happy and well adjusted, and I find that very sad.

There are children out there who are able to be helped and it grieves me – it should grieve us all when a child is needlessly harmed.

Years ago, when I was in foster care, foster parents were not allowed to adopt a child who had been placed there. It seemed like such a stupid rule at the time but today I can see why we had that protection. Foster parents who are interested in adopting a child would have the opportunity and motive to manipulate a child who is solely under their control.

These same foster parents could provide false or damning accounts of the natural parents to child protection authorities, causing them to have their rights terminated falsely. Foster parents are paid keepers. If they have a problem with a child, they have access to just about any type of services you can imagine. The money all comes out of our social security funding. Oh, you thought that money was only doled out to retirees – think again.

What is a parent to do when…

  • you have finally found work but you have a five year old at home and no one to watch him?
  • you find yourself homeless and you have a 12 year old to care for?
  • you are married to an abusive spouse and you have four children, the oldest is 8 years old?
  • your son stays out all night partying with his friends and refuses to attend school. The school has scheduled a truancy hearing and you will lose your job if don’t show up for work.

These are everyday worries that parents are forced to deal with, often with no help at all. Why is it that foster parents are entitled to the help a natural parent can’t possibly obtain for a child that desperately needs help. This is a gross inequity and just exactly what we can expect when the state is footing the bill. You know the old adage, “He who pays the piper calls the tune.”

  • What if we wrote a law that required professionals to assist families in need rather than simply report them to the authorities?
  • What if each state mandated specific services be provided, to a family before a child could be removed from the home?
  • Why can’t we provide clean, affordable housing to families in crisis?
  • Why can’t we offer training, counseling services, parenting classes, and drug rehab that doesn’t take an act of God to get into?
  • Why can’t we provide 24-hour safe houses, where a parent can obtain emergency services such as babysitting, meals and real help?
  • Why isn’t everyone mad as hell over this greedy, God forsaken mess we call “Child Protective Services”.

I don’t have all the answers but I have some really good questions, without good answers. Why are we throwing away our tax dollars on a system that we know damages children – many are scarred for life from the experience.

I know that if our communities would come together and make helping families their priority; we could help these innocent children by aiding their needy parents. We can heal our nation by lending a helping hand – one family at a time.

Please write, call or visit your state and federal representatives. Ask them the hard questions. Then ask them again. Don’t stop until you get real answers. If we aren’t willing to stand up for the children and our families, no one else will.

Please participate in the Mother’s Day protest or silent vigil. Let your voice be heard.

Get Involved: CPS Reform

April 2, 2010 in Child Protective Services

Nationwide Mother's Day Protest!

Happy Good Friday to you!

I write to you today with a heavy heart, knowing that far too many children are lost and forgotten in a cold and uncaring foster care system that has been built off the backs of our children. There are simply too many people whose livelihood depend on children being removed from their homes, often from good, loving parents.

If you have lost a child to the foster care system or to state adoption efforts after being stripped of your parental rights — we need you! Do you know someone who lost their child through no fault of their own? We need you as well.

As a matter of fact, we need every individual who cares about the well-being of children to help.

A Nationwide Mother’s Day Protest is a peaceful, meaningful way to share your concern and let your voice be heard.

We are asking you to take a few minutes out of your day to take a baby doll, stuffed animal or teddy bear to your local courthouse, family court building, or state building and drop it on the sidewalk, as a memorial to our lost generation of children. Please attach a note with a summary of your own story (or a friend’s story) along with your request for a federal investigation.

Ask your friends and family to participate. Please take one toy for each child you know personally that is in the system or has been in the system. We can show the children that they have not been forgotten and our legislators will know that we are watching and will not sit by and allow the lives of innocent children to be forever changed.

Won’t you please speak up? Be a voice for the children on May 9, 2010.

For more details visit: Nationwide Mother’s Day Protest.

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