Fresno CPS Steals Children

I’m writing this on behalf of Ms. Coleman. She’s just devastated because of what’s happening. We now have information that the CPS worker had keys to Caroll’s property in Paso Robles and the public defender that Caroll was assigned has been making nothing but excuses and canceling all the appointment’s that Caroll has made. Ms. Coleman […]

New Dad Neglectful…

My husband is a wonderful man, he is very dear to me, as such I left my man bashing days behind me long ago. I honestly believe that men and woman both have their roll to play in the marriage and when everyone works together, it leads to a more harmonious relationship. However, I just […]

Good News for Reform?

Pacific Justice Institute issued a press release yesterday regarding a recent California Supreme Court ruling, which could have an unintended result… California Supreme Court Denies Rehearing and Stay of Gay Marriages San Francisco, CA – The California Supreme Court today denied requests to stay its gay marriage ruling until the November election. The Court also denied […]

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