A Soldiers Battle

An American soldier who is nine (9) months pregnant with her second child attempts to defend herself against a physical attack from her angry boyfriend in the presence of her eight-year-old daughter. During this attempt the soldier frantically searches her purse for her cell phone to contact 911. She cannot seem to locate the phone […]

Public Records Case Law

In a recent Illinois court case the 4th District Court of Appeals in Springfield has ruled internal affairs files are a public record regardless of the outcome of the probe. I, for one, would be curious to learn if this same case law could be applied to other forms of government entities, such as Child […]

Permission Needed!

James writes in his thoughts on parenting. Recommends the state define all punishment as abuse. Obviously James has never been a parent. We welcome your comments. Should parents need state permission to discipline their children? The whole child abuse thing is really hard to define. There are fine and fuzzy lines between what is considered […]

Where is the Church?

A Father’s untold story; What’s behind Parental Alienation January 28, 2009 Hi Ms. Jayne Major, We met about a year & a half ago at your regular Denny’s restaurant meeting. I was in town after delivering an Airstream RV unit in Long Beach. It was great to hear some of your people tell their stories. […]

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