Sneaky, Underhanded Liars…

Christmas Eve of 2011 I turned my head for a few seconds while my children were in the bath, my child started shaking and then stopped breathing after I had picked him up. After nearly four months went by CPS had decided that I neglected my children and that I am abused. I am not, […]

Waikiki Child in Danger!

To Whom it May Concern, I would like to inform you of the current situation that myself and my boyfriend are going through. My boyfriend has a two year old son named Joe who’s mother is a prostitute and drug addict. Her boyfriend is also a well know drug addict and dealer in Waikiki. For […]

Believe in your Miracle

When the unthinkable happens, we have a tendency to wonder… “Why me, Lord?” It is during these turbulent periods in our lives that we learn and grow, if we are paying attention. This is similar to how a marathon runner or a weight lifter must exercise daily, to build up strength and endurance, if they intend […]

Parental Responsibility

Just exactly what rights and responsibilities do parents have to a child? We all know the laws concerning child support, child custody and visitation are unfair and unjust but still they persist. Just today found on was an interesting question: To Terminate Fathers Rights, Or Not Too? A military man and his wife of 4-years took […]

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