Politics: CPS Reform and the GOP

I have not seen my granddaughter in almost 3 months now. If it were not for hurting my wife, I would make going postal look like child’s play. Our president needs to make this his top priority or the GOP could use this reform to totally destroy the democratic party. All these politicians need to […]

Kidjacked Update

Have you ever had a time in your life when you felt like the world was simply spinning and you were just along for the ride? I feel as though my life has been running me. Lots of good and bad things are taking place, more good really than bad but change is oh so […]

Arizona Kidjacking on the Rise

Dear Kidjacked, I have been a child advocate here in Arizona for 35 years. Throughout that time Child Protective Services has consistently taken children without cause or proof in some cases. Then in other cases they leave children in dysfunctional situations until they are dead.   The last few years it has gotten worse and […]

No Where To Turn

Most states have safe haven laws on the books, permitting a new parent to drop off an infant at a local fire department or hospital without repercussions. This is a laudable service that I am certain has had a positive impact on more than one infants life over the years. What I cannot for the […]

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